Getting excited about visiting New York again!

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So I'm off to the states again in a few months and already getting excited about a few fun shopping days in Manhattan. I'm looking up a few nice cars to rent too while I'm there. I'm thinking something obscenely loud, horrendously bad for the environment and pointlessly fast... if its only for a few days theres no harm right?

So anyway I'm sitting here all excited and it reminded me I should post a few from previous trips to NY. A bit different to my usual post but why not vary it up.


Thats me trying to act cool when I was actually loosing my shit with excitement being in Coney Island at the location they use for filming Mr Robot (best TV show EVER).

Most of these are just random shots I took around the city at various times. By no means world class photography but might give you a feel for what the city is like.

NY- 002.jpg

NY- 003.jpg

NY- 004.jpg

NY- 005.jpg

NY- 006.jpg

NY- 007.jpg

NY- 008.jpg

NY- 009.jpg

If anyone doesn't recognise that building above, please unfollow me now. You have no place in my life 😄

NY- 010.jpg

NY- 011.jpg

NY- 012.jpg

NY- 014.jpg

NY- 016.jpg

NY- 017.jpg

NY- 018.jpg

NY- 019.jpg

NY- 020.jpg

NY- 021.jpg

I don't know what it is about taxi's and traffic in NYC but they just has a very unique look that I loved!

NY- 022.jpg

NY- 023.jpg

NY- 024.jpg

This is a bit of a sad one. This is the exact spot that Mark Chapman shot and murdered John Lennon. I must admit it was pretty moving standing here.

NY- 026.jpg

NY- 027.jpg

So there's a fraction of the city condensed into a few quick shots. Just a few more months to wait until I'm back.

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I really enjoy living in the country, but I’ve always wanted to visit NYC. Hopefully it’s nice and sunny when you arrive in the States :) Safe travels!

Yep fingers crossed I get some nice weather. Saying that, I live in Ireland so my expectations for weather are never too high 😄

Great shots! you are truly talented. Thanx for sharing. Steem on :D

Thanks, thats very kind of you!






Thank you