7 World’s Continents Photo Challenge - Asian Sunday week #79 - the absolute winner takes 200 SBD!

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Hello fellow Steemians!

I am starting the week #79 of my 7 World’s Continents Photo Challenge and we are back to the continent of Asia.

If you like to participate, place your personal image from your travels in Asia in the comment section below with a short 30 to 50 word description. Only use of personal images will be accepted and only one picture can be submitted for a daily photo challenge. Ten winning photos will receive a bigger upvote from me and ten runners-up will get a smaller one.

Chosen from the ten winning entries, the absolute winner of the day will receive extended publicity in my post tomorrow morning. I will also visit his/her blog to upvote one of the most recent posts. The winning picture of the daily challenge will then automatically enter other rounds with the absolute winner gaining approximately 200 SBD in total. So far I have given out thousands of dollars in upvotes and hundreds of SBD in rewards.

After today´s Asian photo contest, the 7 World’s Continents Photo Challenge will be followed as per below rotation and then starting again with Asia on next Sunday.

• Monday: Australia and New Zealand
• Tuseday: Antarctica + the world’s oceans
• Wednesday: Africa
• Thursday: Europe
• Friday: North America
• Saturday: South America

See the winner of the last week´s Asian Sunday @travelshots with the following entry:

The "Starlight Bridge" is located at the outskirts of Saigon, in a very quiet, modern quarter that makes you forget the hustle and bustle of the city centre. Once the sun has set, the bridge transforms into an artificial waterfall that is illuminated in bright colours - simply adorable!


For more information about the 7 World’s Continents Photo Challenge and conditions see my original post: 200 SBD 7 World's Continents Photo Challenge - 2018 guidelines – 25/10 update.

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This nearly 300 meters high stone pillar is called Avatar Mountain.
Some people say James Cameron was inspired by the Zhangjiajie National Park to create his famous movie Avatar and the flying mountains of Pandorra.
[More photos]

Would love to visit that, seems amazing!

If you plan to go th CHina one day, this really is a must-do! ;)


Bangkok Skyline
This week I want to share a picture with you which I took roughly 24 hours ago on the KingTower in Bangkok during the sunset. It's an absolute stunning view point with a 360 view around Bangkok. Make sure to check it out when ever you are there.

The Chi Mei Museum in Tainan, Taiwan is built by a wealthy local business man who's childhood dream was to create an art museum for the masses. When I first heard about the museum, I thought how weird it is to build a fountain based on the Versailles in France, erect 12 Greek gods and goddess statues on a bridge and build a museum that looks like the White House in the USA. You can read and see more about it in my post here.



Running around in the warm water creating some art. Light Painting does not always have to be a freezing event - like in Germany most of the time. So it doesnt matter how long the exposure. This try took 148 seconds with beautiful encounter with alot of curious fish plus an extra cuttle fish. A bit short but exciting. Not cuddling though. That place? Okinawa, Japan

Here you see a 148 sec. single exposure light painting. Not Photoshop effects ;-) My settings where F4.5 on ISO 125 with 29mm on the F2.8 Lens.

You can see the original post here:

if you have more questions how its done ask me please.
for more of this kind of art look for my pages:

What a stunning photo!

Thank you so much for your support. Glad you like it that much.

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Hi Czechglobalhosts,

My entry for the week is Taj Mahal meaning the "Crown of Palaces". The Taj Mahal is recognized as World heritage Site by UNESCO. The architecture is a fine example of Indian heritage and History. The architecture is also influenced by Persian architecture as the emperor of Mughal Saha Jahan was also married to Persian princess Mumtaz. She died while she was giving birth to her 14th Child.

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An awesome view from a Singapore night. One of the most visited places in the world, Singapore draws attention with its gorgeous resindences.. Singapore is more alive at night. That is why I preferred to go for a walk at night and met this view.. This area is one of the most crowded place and everywhere is settled cafes, restaurants etc.

Water buffalos, Bubalus bubalis, are for me like an icon of Asia; and although I've travelled quite a bit in Asian countries, it was in Sri Lanka, in Uda Wallawe Natural park, that I got the best views of these animals. Here, a small herd relaxing in a water pond, and a cattle egret keeping them company!


The Fallen

Pretty well known sculpture at the central beach of Tel-Aviv. Quite minimalist shot taken into the frame very nice cloud formations also reminding the wing.
The idea of the composition is The Fallen Angel desperately looking at the skies with a dream to be able to fly there again...

Enjoy the scenery :)


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