Prague/Czech Republic - Sunday photo challenge - share your personal pictures from your visit to the Czech Republic!

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Hello fellow Steemians,

I hope you are all having a great day! :) As usually, I am here with my daily photo challenge where you can submit your personal images from your travels to Prague and other locations in the Czech Republic in the comment section below.

The best 15 entries of the day will get my upvote. I will then pick the absolute winner of the day from these 15 photos. The winning photo will be awarded with a bigger upvote and it will also be featured as the cover image for the challenge post the next day to give the author of the winning shot some more exposure and publicity.

Don’t forget to add a short background story for your entry with at least 30 words and let me just remind you one more time that only personal images will be accepted in the challenge.

There were many great entries submitted in the yesterday Prague/Czech Republic photo challenge and I had a hard time picking the best one. After a deliberate consideration, however, I decided to choose the following entry by @dimiimp:

Cesky Krumlov, A view from the castle. It is indeed a gorgeous little town. This place seems like you are from a distant past, walking in a narrow cobble stoned street. Everything is picture perfect. The small hidden town should not be missed!


I rewarded @dimiimp entry with some extra upvote. Feel free to visit his blog and check out some of his other entries.

Thank you for your submissions. Have a great day and keep on Steeming!

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Colourful, John Lennon Wall.
A nice place to head to (5 min walk from Charles Bridge) and it's certainly a colourful display. The wall has been resprayed a number of times, but it's eclectic to look at and read the graffiti. The atmosphere was good here and it helped that the sun was shining which made everything look even brighter.

There is usually a busker singing (believe it or not!) John Lennon songs at the wall. I felt very sorry for the busker whilst we were there, he was very patient and understanding whilst having endless 'selfie sticks' shoved in his face, people videoing him and people posing repeatedly either in front or at the side of him. Give the poor guy some space (or at least chuck a few CZK in his guitar case!).
Nice place and well worth walking past to say that you've seen it!


View of Obora Hvězda, a large forest park and protected natural landmark located in western Prague. The place is popular with hikers, cyclists and cross-country skiers (in winter). I took this photo of Obora Hvězda from a lookout spot at Divoká Šárka, a nearby nature reserve.


Břevnov Monastery (Břevnovský klášter)
The monastery was founded in 993 AD by Boleslav II and Bishop Adalbert. The Benedictine complex's current appearance, dating back to 1708 – 1745, is an example of High Baroque style. The monastery gardens are open to all and visitors may also take a guided tour. The Břevnov Monastery is also known for its brewery.

Happy Sunday with an impression from my favorite Czech village Konárovice...! ~ It has been taken in early Harvest - harvesting some very special sort of plant-life as it seems :)
I never discovered the name of this unique pink ˋflower´ that I brandish — that like one beautiful exotic weed loves to grow in the flowerbeds to almost frightful high if not taken out in time...! ~ Once I have asked the gardener about it... who as well admitted his defeat facing this lovely problem and could not help one bit...!...


From childhood I heard about these Karlovy Vary, but I did not know what it was. Grandma had a postcard. She brought her from there in the mid 1970s. And in 2015 I visited there. The architecture here is just crazy!
What only these colonnades are worth!
And surrounded by mountains and green areas - so all the beauty, It seems so simple ... But how beautiful! Against the background of cloudy weather, it looked somehow special! For a small town there is enough beauty

St. Vitus Cathedral.
Just seeing this Cathedral from the outside is draw dropping enough. A huge structure that shadows over everything yet is very Gothic and beautiful that you can’t wait to get inside. The history and beauty of this building hits you with every step you take. Amazing stained glass windows allow the sun to fall and light up everything on the inside. The contrast of the old gothic structures and the newer golden touches just make this place a true sight to see. The Cathedral was worth going to Prague Castle for, an amazing experience!


Former St. Anne's Church, Prague
The church from the first half of the 13th century was built on the site of an older rotunda. It was a part of Dominican monastery.
The monastery and the church were abolished by Josef II. in 1782. Then there were apartments, printing house ... Today there is the cultural center Prague Crossroads.
It is difficult to take pictures in the narrow streets of the Old Town without a telephoto lens.

Old Town of Cesky Krumlov
Very nice restored old town with beautiful facades. A city with a lot of charme and history. Just stroll around, don't forget to visit the castle! Just watch your steps on the old cobblestone streets :)


You can’t miss the tall twin Gothic spires of the Roman Catholic Church of Our Lady Before Tyn in Prague’s Old Town. This large church dominates the skyline of the Old Town. The astronomer Tycho Brahe is buried here. Built between the 14th and 16th centuries, this beautiful church’s interiors underwent a Baroque transformation. Curiously, the entrance if partially obscured by some buildings.

would love to visit one day!!