Travel memories... Muir woods near San Francisco USA

in travel •  last year

The second part which I need to mention about our San Francisco tour is Muir woods. It is not far from San Francisco. You have to drive thru the Golden Gate bridge, to reach this place. It is really good to be there after a whole day city tour. There are huge trees there, and a lots of people. The first interesting thing was, a Tesla parking place, where you can charge your car while you have a tour. Unfortunately I didn't made picture about, but more from the woods.

There are several ways where you can go in the wood. From one hour tour to whole day tour, depending on your fitness, and time you spend there. We walked around four hours. The building sized trees amazing, with the calm of the wood. It is really relaxing to collect all your thoughts while you walking. Now I will follow with my pictures.

You can see the giant trees, they are really old ones.




You can see on this picture the different ages. The trees are really thousand years old!


Not only the trees interesting the other plants near the ground also. I really like these whole green places


This place is really good at summer time, because the temperature is ideal on a warm day

When the sun started to goes down we have to go back to our cars

This is the way to show how big are the trees, when comparing to human sizes

I say good bye with the following picture

I'm sure once I will go back again. It was amazing and calm place for meditation.

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We can all take pictures but not everyone can capture the beauty that's usually hidden in plain view...

Great post. Can't wait to experience it on my Spring Fat Bike Tour of the west.

Wow looks super magical there, real nice post ;-)

Muir Woods is the shit! Coastal redwoods are so amazing, the thought that some trees are as old as Jesus is crazy!

Amazing place, these trees inspire respect

Thanks for this great blog! And thanks for tiping me! I'll keep following :)

Amazing i love greenery.

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Woods are so magical and wonderful... Love your pictures.

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That is wonderful picture...just in the big jungle we can find so that big tree..thanks for sharing@cuttie1979

Great nature and trees!
I also want to learn more about trees and to be more interested in nature!😃

looks like a very relaxed place to be. Good travel blog

WOW! 💥 Nice tree pics! 🌲

If you want to visit the trees again check out our cheap US flight deals 😉

Visited the redwoods once and you captured their beauty as well as possible. What an awesome place to visit. Thanks for sharing the photos.

I am amazed by these pictures!

Awesome post friend.
I like your all content because your content type and quality is so good.
best of luck go ahead friend.

Beautiful journey. Such a huge centuries-old trees. Clean air. Walking through this forest for hours. Great photos.

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