Building a Business that Changes the World

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We, humans, change the world by changing the "human behavior". We change the world for better by transforming ourselves towards a higher consciousness.

Why Travel, Why Wander?

At The Art of Travel, we believe we are doing the same. We are changing the world by making WANDERING accessible to everyone. Call it travel, seeking experiences or wanderlusting. In essence, it is all the same thing.

We are the source of motivation, informational resources, tips, and fashion that inspires people to be curious, to explore, to try something new.

Even though we have transitioned to digital age from a boring & exploitative Industrial Age, our playfulness is still largely missing.


Ask any adult, "What's life?" They will say, it's school, exams, jobs, salaries, boss, marriage, kids, mortgage, and ...on shit, I am already 45. What am I doing with my life?

For tens of thousands of years if not millennia, we did not live like this. We were hunters. We were explorers. We were travelers. Always on the move. We were artists, we were dancers, we celebrated life for the sake of just being alive.

One more day.
One more song.
One more adventure.
One more game.

The more we travel and meet and interact with other cultures, religions, people, the more tolerant and understanding we become. Traveling is the best way to continue your education.

Sure the maths and music and science and economics are important but to travel and be able to travel is to flirt with life. It's the ultimate philosophy and psychology class. Traveling is more than sightseeing.

I travel so2.jpg

To genuinely travel is to be curious, to be looking for something that you don't know. It's focused on the journey, and not the destination. It's about making sure of departures, not arrivals. Arrivals happen when the time comes. The master shows up when the student is ready.

Traveling broadens our mind. It deepens our soul. It adds layers to our understanding of this world, this life, and the human behavior. Above all traveling is fun.

By enabling millions of people to take more time off, to get unplugged, to get off the grid, we are literally changing the collective consciousness.

Why do we live? What's our purpose? The answers to the deepest questions of life is often found in the moment. That's the so called "zen" moment. Satori.

Traveling to seek new experiences is the best way to be fully present in the moment while also having fun and play. Immersive travel experience happens when we feel safe, empowered, and free.


We provide means to all of the above via our inspirational clothing, accessories, posters, and writing. We provide the most real life travel specific use-case in our travel guides for example what's the status of wifi or how to get a local SIM card, do we rent or use taxi or Uber, do we drive on the left or right, how is the road conditions, how safe is it, and so on.

Join us and say yes to life. Your life matters. Your time is the most precious thing you hold. Everything else is just the flow in this great river of life. We all have the power to change the world.

Please follow me for more blogs on traveling the world and deep musing of life.

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Spoken as a true nomad. I commend your attitude. Keep on truckin.

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