Ohio Construction Site

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Construction Site Adventure

On our travels through Ohio, Stacie D (@freedomtowrite) and I (@freedompoint) got a chance to visit an ongoing constuction site. Stacie D's dad is heading up a very large project that is adding and entire building in between two existing buildings.

We we lucky enough to get a tour. Some parts were very fun, and we even got to slap the bull a bit when we climbed the steel ladder. Other times it was a bit scarier, but I got some pictures from eight stories up.

I hope you all enjoy our adventure.

Until next time...we will see you further on down the road.

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Great Post 😆

You're a stronger woman than me for sure, there's no way I'd climb up the side of a building inside a little steel cage/tube, and I sure as heck wouldn't get up eight floors high unless I was inside the building. :D I'm not a fan of heights. :D
God bless you and your wonderful family. :D Have an awesome day my fabulous friend! :D

Debe ser cool hacer algo así

great great

You are braver than I am! I don't particularly like heights! I have climbed our 100-foot tower to be lookout but I can't say I enjoyed it!