Stacie D & The Yeti : Head To Canada!!

in travel •  2 months ago

After alot of preparation over these past few months, we are finally here. We are in Toronto at the Steem Creators conference. We are so very excited to be here and had a long wonderful trip.

We hope you enjoy our journey, and a couple of the sites we saw.

Shout out to @steemcafe @larrymorrison @captainbob @thehoneys @anomadsoul @instructor2121 For support, encouragement, and various ways you habe influenced our journey.

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So glad you guys made it. If I had been thinking straight, I would have told you to cross at Port Huron/Sarnia and take the 402. Smaller cities and less traffic than Detroit/Windsor corridor. I know how you feel. I don't like big cities either and Toronto, the last time I was there in 2007 it was over 5 million souls...


It was so wild! We had a good time trying to get through. Now that we are settled in we can laugh about it.

We are so glad you both are here!

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Thank you! We are so blessed being here. It is very nice to now know you both @katysavage @josephsavage

Great story... looking fwd to seeing more of your adventures

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Awsome edit my friends :) I hope you have and will have an awsome time with all these crazy steem-heads ! I wish I could be there too...

Peace and many greetings !