Sea Foods, Vacation, and Rest

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Hi everyone, it's been a very long time since I last posted here. I was just taking a break from the internet and all. I had a little vacation when I went home. I was so happy because all my family was there even my uncle and auntie and cousins. We went everywhere but just in the island to relax and have a bonding time with family.

I want to start by sharing these foods to you.

Ever had sea foods this much? The small ones are called spider conch. The big one is just a conch shell. To get the meat, we used a hammer but we didn't hammer the big one cos' that would be a waste. It's beautiful. The one in the back are clams. They really taste good.

These ones are green mangoes. Someone gave it to us. In Philippines culture, if someone has that much fruits or foods or anything, they just give it to their neighbors. This is why I love being a Filipino. Most or your neighbors are nice and thoughtful.

This one is a squid. My uncle cooked it.

The next day, I had another shot on the sea foods. I loved it. It's so good, you can just pick it up in the sea. If it was in a restaurant, it would be expensive but we had it for free.

We went to Paliton beach. It's such a nice place. I've been there once before and I'll keep coming back. You'll go there and you won't even have to pay a cent. It's free.

We went here 3 months ago with my high school classmates. We brought a tent and foods and hammock. It was so fun.

We also had a little camping so it really feels like living in an island.

Here I braided my cousin's hair. Everyone else asked me to braid their hair like that after I did hers. Took me hours to finish.

This is fish spa. you can go there and there's balete tree next to that. It's so huge. There's an entrance fee of 10 pesos. That's about 0.50 USD. You'd just sit there and the fishes eat your callouses. It's very tingly.
They even have a flowerhorn fish in a tank and it was huge. I swear, it's bigger than my palm.

Lastly, I bought 3 of these. one is orange and the other one is violet. I have the orange one and the rest I gave to my friends. It's a voodoo doll key chain. It can be found just near a fish spa. They sell these and other things too like love potion or healing oils or turtles made of sea shells for souvenirs. I bought this one because our place is know for being a mysterious island. People here believes there's witches in the island that uses voodoo dolls or fly with brooms. So, that is all. I hope you enjoyed reading. Until next time :)


Wooooh.. This is my favorite. The one in a big Shell is what we called Sahang.

We call it "bojong" in our language.

Different names but same taste.. I miss that seafood 😊

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