Shark Cage Diving!!!

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Come experience the craziest Adrenalin rush and exhilaration by having a face to face encounter with the legendary, Apex predators (White Sharks) in their natural habitat.

Shark Cage Diving (viewing of the Great white shark) at its best can be experienced along many of South Africa’s rugged shore lines, visit our country and tick it off your bucket list for 2017.

World’s Largest Shark: 7-Metre-Long ‘Deep Blue’ Believed To Be Biggest Ever

The great white shark which you can find in the coastal surface waters of all major oceans is one of the creatures that strikes the most fear in humans. The size of the white shark (4.5-6m/15-20 feet long and up to 2 250kg/5 000lb) perpetuate this unnecessary fear as white shark attacks are rare.

They have several rows of teeth, as teeth falls out the get replace by those in the row behind them. There are 26 broad triangular shaped, devastating serrated sharp teeth in each row of the upper jaw and 24 pointy teeth in the lower. A single large bite can be fatal.

These sharks can accelerate to a swimming speed of up to 56km per hour in short bursts. Sharks most acute sense is smell and they can pick up the scent of a drop of blood within a second. The Great Shark can live up to 70 years.

What you need and can expect:

You will be safe in the hands of highly qualified crew members. At most of these diving companies they supply you with the equipment (wet-suits, booties, masks and weight belt) you need. If you are prone to motion sickness you need to use anti-nausea medication before time.

When you reach the spotting area the crew will prepare a chum to lure the sharks. Chum consists of minced Tune and Sardines with fish oil. The chum gets thrown into the sea to create a chum slick. They also use a carcass of a dead Tune which they pill in with a cable close pass the cage so you can have an up-close and personal view of these magnificent creatures. All this causes the sharks to flick over to scavenging mode.

Do not forget to bring along an underwater camera, sunblock, towel and a set of warm clothes.

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