Incredible Natural Rock-Pools (Sabi South Africa)

in #travel3 years ago

Hey everyone. The last 2 months I have basically traveled the length of South Africa from top to bottom and at least half of its width too.

Based on these pictures and memories I will do it all again in a heart beat... in-fact I plan to.



My recent trip to Sabi rendered this incredible discovery in the mountains they call Mac Mac pools, check out that interesting site here for more info :



How incredibly pretty are those natural pools? Now all they need is a few rainbow trout swimming around, on that note this is a great rainbow trout area, some nice fishing spots great for tourism.


I took quiet a lengthy extended walk along this river to explore, observe and photograph as much as I possibly could, truly so nice to be able to see a pristine river un-polluted, rare these days, now all it needs is to be stocked up with trout.



It has always been a dream of mine to live on a river for the purposes of the excellent view, wonderful health benefits, fishing as well as installing a water turbine as to never have to worry about electricity problems ever again, solid plans right?



As usual a "I was here" shameless selfie. Such an incredibly pretty part of this sunny country South Africa.


Nature truly is incredibly beautiful.
Love light and blessings.

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