in travel •  last year

Leaving my stressful and head-cracking school work for a while, I clipped my backpack and headed to the mountain called Idiangawan, Bacolod City, Philippines.


With a group of daring and energetic youth, we went there to have a spiritual retreat-a refreshing of our mind, soul and body. The 7 kilometer hike was long and tiring for it was always almost uphill.


As we kept walking, I thought I couldn't make it to the finish line without collapsing, looking at the long journey. But thanks God I made it along with the others. Upon arrival, I forgot all my sweat and tiring walk. Very secluded with only a handful of people who could be seen around the place, I noticed its verdant surrounding all over. The place itself refreshed my brain. The place cooled my entire body. It calmed my spirit. Its serene environment was just perfect for meditation and mind relaxation. This is it.


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