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Not the Sunset Phenomenon; but the bar/restaurant on Pacific Beach in San Diego 😎
The Flash was started in 1965 by our good friend Armondo Zamora.1D75849C-807F-470E-AA90-C0BB0BCE3366.jpeg

The restaurant was famous for its fresh fish and strong drinks; not to mention it’s awesome location on the beach.

In late 2013, Armondo “gifted” The Flash to his 65 year old son. His son immediately betrayed his father and sold The Flash in early 2014.

The Flash is now known as Baja Beach Cafe (the Pink Flash):


Baja is known as a young people’s hangout; that serves mediocre food and a long list of 32 ounce Margaritas.

In this time where we all are prevented from travel; my thought go out to better days spent on the beach, at THE GREEN FLASH.

RIP Armondo and The Flash. You are gone, but not forgotten.

Stay healthy my friends 😎👍😎

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