Georgetown Glow for Christmas

in #travel3 years ago (edited)

New art installations are already in DC. Georgetown Glow is the new experience of sparkle, lights, neon colors. It's outdoor and open to the public and absolutely free. You walk through historic and oldest neighborhood in Georgetown. This is the 4th edition of Glow and it runs from 5pm till 10pm every day. This year you can see work of artists from Poland, New York City, Lebanon, India, France, Shanghai... Each installation has explanation, meaning and history, you can download the app and do the audio tour which is awesome! Besides that this website has the whole map of all the installations at the bottom, so you won't get lost, the web site helps a lot.

We also stopped at couple bars for the glass of wine after we were getting tired of walking, so it was pretty fun experience. And all the Christmas decorations around, definitely made our walk magnificent!..

I would like to share the video my husband created, so you can experience the magic walk as well... Besides that we got our first snow yesterday, so it's on the camera too :)


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