Fernando de Noronha Archipelago. A piece of paradise in Brazil. Original Work.

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Fernando de Noronha island is a piece of paradise in the Northeast coast of Brazil. It was home for military bases and prison in the past. The island has pristine beaches and amazing ocean life. It is a well know spot for scuba diving and surfing. Population the is only around 2000 people and is controlled to avoid damaging the ecosystems.

I've been there in 2011 to photograph a wedding but had a chance to do a tour during a day. Here are some of my photos.

Hope you like it.
All original content.


Great photos, especially of the wildlife! Upvoted, thanks for sharing.

You might be interested in reading about my trip to Iran, cheers: https://steemit.com/travel/@runaway-psyche/incredible-iran

I would like to go there. very nice)

Thanks. It is a truly magical place. Where are you from?

I've lived in Brazil for 34 years and immigrated to Canada. Living in Calgary now.

Another great set of pics! Love that lizard!

Thanks. Those little lizards are everywhere. They get into backpacks, shoes, fall from the ceilings... lots of fun. Sometimes you will arrive at home to find a couple in your luggage. :)

awesome nature captures!

Thanks. This place is beautiful...

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