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Australia is home to many unique species of flora and fauna, and this is due to a mixture of geographical and climatic factors. The Southern Supercontinent Gondwana, as it began to break up resulted in Australia being isolated, and today is known as an island continent. After millions of years of evolution, separate from the rest of the world, in addition to extremely arid climate, the organisms adapted uniquely to these conditions. Knowing this, I decided to visit Featherdale Wildlife Park to explore and experience some of the beautiful organisms that dwell in this beautiful country.



Thirty-two dollars for a passport (adult), allowing me admission to the Farmyard, Reptilian Pavilion, The Learning Burrow, Nocturnal House, Koala Sanctuary and even a gift shop!



Greeted by a flock of pelicans with their own boat!



The kookaburra sure was laughing at me! What a cheerful friend...



Am I the only one excited? How beautiful is that bird!

🦎Frilled-Neck Lizard


Damn... this guy looks MEAN. Definitely not gonna mess with this spicy boy!

🐍 Snake




I had to correct one of my tour buddies, as what we were looking at here wasn't a large rodent, rather, it was a little joey (or baby kangaroo).

Come Visit

If you've made it this far, thank you so much for journeying to Featherdale Wildlife Park with me. Everybody needs to come down to Australia to experience the wonderful flora and fauna that is unique to the country. Us Aussies are friendly people!



Thanks for the info about Featherdale Wildlife Park i had not heard of it before. Great photos to.

Thanks boss!

Australia is one of the countries I've always wanted to visit and as cliche as it is, kangaroos are first on list of what to see. But damn I didn't know they start out so small. Cheers for the informative post :)

Great to hear from you again! The Kangaroos do start out pretty tiny, but they've gotta fit in their mother's pouches somehow!

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