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RE: 🇵🇦 Panama - Cake, coconuts & skyscrapers

in #travel4 years ago

This is a pretty awesome summary of Panama. I don't know why it's always raining in Bocas.

I love that Trump Tower pool. I've only crashed it during the day. Pretty sweet view at night though.


Thanks @choogirl! At least we got enough sun in Bocas to still enjoy it.

The pool was awesome. A nice and fancy break from roughing it backpacking and great spot to get a view of the city both day and night.

We were surprised by how modern the city was. It made for a perfect opportunity to restock on clothes and supplies that we hadn’t had available for months. How long have you lived there? And what made you pick Panama?

I've been here 1.5 years. I moved here for ease of getting permanent residence, no tax (pretty much), being in a US timezone and climate.

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