My holiday to Lampuuk beach, Banda Aceh

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A few days ago I was with my family, went to one of the tourist attractions located in Lampuuk village, Banda Aceh. Lampuuk Beach, famous for its beauty, many people call it white sand beach. The atmosphere here is very fresh.

Every day this beach is always filled by the visitors who come, those who come not only local residents, but foreign residents are also busy stopover in this place. I visited this place just before the fast, or almost a month ago.

You can see how the beauty of the beach is seen here. Really beautiful and worth visiting. Many resting places (huts) are standing firmly on the beach, green trees provide a cool atmosphere. I told my sister to take my picture while I was swimming, I have visited this place several times. This is my coming the umpteenth time. I traveled up to 7 hours. The exhausting trip is paid for by the beauty of Lampuuk beach, Banda Aceh.😂

Here also provides a variety of delicious food, many people enjoy it while sitting on a hut with a view toward the sea decorated with blue sea water. Waves just look away from the shore, various ban boards also stick in a slightly dangerous place for the swimmers. Some of the coast guards are also ready to help you if you are swept away. I just swam around the beach that looks close to the resting hut. Hopefully my trip this time will not be the last one.




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The trip is very fun, the beach is very beautiful, I've heard this beach with white sand beach.

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