Ulog # 6: Choir Outing with A Purpose

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Last weekend, we had our annual summer-ender outing in St.Cecilia Choir and String Ensemble. I've been a member of this choir for almost 7 years already. I was most active when I was still in college and that's when I learned so much about music and playing instruments since I have been a guitar player. And right now that I'm working, my presence in the Choir lately has been on and off but they still welcome me with open arms everytime I get the chance to attend. And so, I did not miss out this year's Summer-Ender Outing which was held in Badian.

For this year, we get to stay overnight in Asuncion Beach Resort which is just a few walks away from the Matutinao Church and The Kawasan Falls.


(View of the beachfront where we're staying)


After the choir members had enjoyed the beach and the pool and ate dinner, we made sure to practice our Mass line-up in the evening. One thing that I actually like about our Choir's yearly Summer Outing is that, in every place that we visit, we always make sure to serve in their main Church for the 8am Sunday mass. It's not just a simple bonding activity for the members but we're taking our passion from one place to the other, regardless of the distance. We always make sure to give time to the Lord even when we're traveling and enjoying, which is also what makes it memorable every time since it's like we left a mark on the place when we know we have spent time in its church by serving the Lord.

And so we had our Choir practice on the resort where we're staying. It's quite dim but what's important is the reason behind this practice. We want to make sure that we only give our best for tomorrow's Holy Mass Service.





After the practice, we made sure to have also enough sleep to be able to rest well and wake up early tomorrow morning.


We just walked our way from the resort we're staying to the Matutinao Church where we'll have our early Sunday morning Holy Mass Service.



And then we passed by this silent bridge.


And this is the church where we'll have our Mass Service which is just across the bridge.


The String Ensemble already went ahead of the choir so that they would know their places and to also set-up the sound system ahead and tune their instruments and do a final sound check.





Can you see how focused the violin players are?

And then later, the Choir members also joined in.



The mass has been attended by a lot of people from Brgy. Matutinao. They were excited upon knowing as well that a guess choir from the city will be the ones to sing the songs for the mass and got curious with our instruments. It was a very well-delivered performance. All for the glory of God. The parish priest also thanked us for visiting their church and serving there.

After the Mass Service, we did not miss the opportunity to take this group photo.


Indeed, this has been another memorable and unforgettable Choir Summer-Ender experience which has also a purpose. Thank you for dropping by folks. May you have a good day. ✨

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