There's more in SRP Highway: 9 Scenic Places in SRP that's photography-worthy

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I usually associate places with feelings. If there's a place that can spark any emotion-- may it be happiness or sadness, for sure that place will have a very special part in my heart. So today, fellow Steemians, I'd like to share with you one of my favorite places in Cebu City. It's actually the opposite of the natural wonders I'm so amazed of, because it's a long stretch of road which is what we call here SRP or South Road Properties. It's a road built a few years ago to connect Cebu City to Talisay City in order to create a shortcut and to prevent the heavy traffic mostly. What's amazing about this road is that it is a reclamed area. The whole long stretch of road used to be all water before and is part of the sea but the government managed to fill it with land in order to create this very amazing and useful highway. It took several years to finish and that knowledge alone already invites me in.

SRP is my go-to place-- whenever I feel too bored at home, I go ahead and bike here, whenever I feel like it's too boring to hang out in the malls, or whenever I feel sad mostly, or have something in my mind I have to ponder and think over, whenever the weather is too hot, or even if I don't have anything at all and would just like to chill and take photos, this is where I go. And I have to admit, all these times when I've been here, I take in not only the air and the feel of the place but I also notice there are a lot more establishments being built that looks very good in photos, so yes, mostly, I go here to marvel and appreciate these man-made establishments too and take photos with me in them.

For this blog, I'm going to list down 9 places you can find along the long stretch of the South Road Properties that's worth the click.

  1st. Compania Maritima


This is the first building you see when you enter the SRP from Cebu City. This building actually looks really good still even if it has been abandoned already for a long time. I and my friends have been really curious about this building ever since we laid our eyes on it. We even want to get inside the building and try to look for ghosts. Haha. But kidding aside, we looked up the history and this building used to be a hotel back in the pre-war years. The establishment was built in 1910 and has been damaged and affected by the war. After the war in 1945, the building was restored and became the main office of Compania Maritima which was one of the biggest shipping lines back in the days. But the company filed bankruptcy in 1980s and the building has been abandoned ever since.


Image source:

Also, I've heard that the government plans on turning this building into a Maritime Museum. If that will be the case, I'll be its first customer. I'm very much looking forward to that!

  2nd.  The Highway Itself and the Baywalk


After marvelling at the abandoned building, I just go ahead and find some place to sit in the Baywalk. Other people are also here as well. What I do mostly here is I observe other people and just guess what their problem might be. Mostly I have friends when I go here so I enjoy talking to them about life or other times I just enjoy the moment I have in silence and just stare at the glorious sunset.


    3rd. The Rook Tower


This is actually my friend, Paul who's always with me during these SRP excursions and my photography buddy too

I don't know but when SRP was built, they put some really interesting and catchy structures including this rook tower right here, alongside the big title of South Road Properties. And I specifically, as a Chess fan, when I saw this, I've been wanting so stop in the middle of the highway and just check this Rook Tower out and yes I did, with a couple of friends, in the middle of the night, which made it more unforgettable. Haha. Here's what we did that night.


I was trying to be careful not to slip or I'd fall to death or whatever is in the bushes



I'm glad I have crazy friends who's up for any last-minute and spontaneous decisions

I just never got the chance to visit this Rook Tower in the daytime but for sure, I'll pay it a second visit.

 4th. Ruins of St. Paul Replica 


This is actually my favorite spot in SRP. I did not even know this existed not until Paul and I explored for a while. We did not know what this establishment is built for since it was not advertised to the public. It was just there. But it sure looks aesthetically-good.



But for sure, I've been coming back again and again to this place, sometimes bringing even more friends.

     5th.   Malacañang Sugbu


This structure is just right behind the Ruins of St. Paul Replica. We like to also hang out in here because they have a smooth lawn for you to just squat. It does look like a park but it's actually a government office.


   6th. Kasadya sa SRP



Image Source: Google Images

"Kasadya sa SRP" is like an amusement park or a carnival which opens during the holiday season or Christmas Season. This opens from early October or November and closes by February. I've been here last time with my girl friends and we just tried out the rides. Some are okay but others require a really strong stomach and courage. But the experience was totally unforgettable!


     7th. SM Seaside 


Image source: Google

SRP is also home to probably the biggest mall in Asia. Throughout the whole stretch of the highway, you'll be seeing this very grand and big mall. My friend Paul, actually found a good angle with the SM Seaside as the background.


    8th. IL Corso


"Il Corso" in Italian means a main street or an avenue. And this Il Corso structure right here in my back is actually a mall and is still under construction. But for sure once they're done with this and it'll be open to public eventually, this will become the main avenue here in SRP aside from SM Seaside. I'm just glad about the buildings that they're putting up here in my favorite road. What I love about Il Corso is this gorgeous lighthouse right here.


   9th.  Plaza Talisay 


This is the last place in SRP I've been to recently and I along with my friend just got here through our bicycles. This is by far, the farthest I got in SRP with the pure intent of exploring and it never disappoint. This right here is Plaza Talisay and is on the other side of the long road. Behind the Plaza in the Municipal Hall of Talisay City and I just love how this place is maintained and is peaceful and it's also very perfect for photography and picture-taking.


The number of beautiful places and spots in SRP is actually very overwhelming. I did not even expect to come up with this very long list. But for sure, this list will be longer in thr coming days as SRP is still growing and developing up until now. But no matter the changes that will soon happen, this is still one of my favorite places in the city. I hope when you pass by SRp too, you'll see and appreciate the spots I've mentioned.

Thank you for reading. ✨

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