My Favorite Spots in Amsterdam for SteemFest - A Review by Charlie Shrem

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Everyone has their favorite spots in their favorite city, but Amsterdam holds a special place in my heart.

I started traveling to Amsterdam when I was 18 and made the trip every year or so, making tons of friends a long the way. When Courtney and I met, I took her to Amsterdam three times. Eventually, when I was arrested in NYC I was actually coming home from Amsterdam.

Here is a review of some of my favorite places, be sure to visit them at SteemFest this year!

Het Ballonnetje CoffeeShop

Everyone has their favorite coffeeshop. This is mine. I've been to almost all the coffeeshops in Amsterdam and this is by far our favorite. They are not in downtown so very little tourists. It is right by the University which is the neighborhood I usually stay in. Het Ballonnetje is open very late and has a large table for seating. Their tea is fantastic and its just a friendly, large open space. As soon as you walk in here, you will feel the specialness I feel in Het Ballonnetje.

Brouwerij 't IJ

Don't bother going to the Heineken Experience. Its a tourist trap and a waste of money. The beer is great, but its nothing more than video. They don't actually make beer there.

For a real brewery experience, go to Brouwerij 't IJ (Pronounced Browery EYE, like the River IJ that flows through Amsterdam)

2014-01-24 15.00.29.jpg

They actually brew the beer their serve in house, which is fantastic and the food is delicious.

2014-01-24 15.04.46.jpg

2014-01-24 16.05.48.jpg

2014-01-24 16.06.00.jpg

I highly recommend taking the tour, its very short and you can drink a beer while walking through it. I've done a lot of brewery tours, but this one is where I actually learnt how they brew beer.


Abraxas is another good coffeeshop if you are in the center ring and want a place to chill out. They have food and good drinks. A big plus is its three levels so plenty of space to hang out!

Pancakes Amsterdam


A visit to Amsterdam is not complete without a visit to Pancakes!

They have all different types of large and small Pancakes, but they have limited seating and get VERY busy! Try to go on a weekday and not during the early hours.



Mazzo is a more upscale place with good pricing. Nothing much to say except the food is fantastic and unlike most places in Amsterdam, plenty of space!

Van Gogh Museum & NEMO Science Museum

Everyone knows the Van Gogh Museum and I highly recommend it, but the NEMO Science Museum is amazing and you have to try it! & Witness

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Hey man, next time when u are in Amsterdam and visit Brouwerij 't IJ you have to stop by at our burritomaker and getting the best burrito of amsterdam in our store. It's directly in front of the brewery. Burritomaker II

You can pay with SBD of course if u want :)


WHAT!? YES!!!!!




Like the sound of that!

Love Amsterdam, I had a recording studio there from 1987 to 1995 and lived on the Hartenstraat. Had my own little 1 cylinder diesel boat I would cruise the canals in. What a lovey place!!!

Hi @charlieshrem, thanks for these tips! great ones.

Note to all SteemFest attendees: Pancakes included!

On Sunday "Unconference" / "Red Light Mashup"-day, there will be a Pancake Stand at one of the venues, with original Zeeuwse (Sealand (a province)) whole wheat pancakes, baked by nonetheless than my father, who is setting up Pancake Shop for all SteemFest attendees :D... (included in your ticket/wristband ofcourse) It's a family recipe

If you're looking to get your grub on make sure to give the BurgerFabriek a try. They've got some insanely good burgers including one with wagyu beef. For great breakfast check out De Bakkerswinkel!

See you guys at SteemFest!

I just voted you as top witness

Thanks for posting it!
Pancakes Amsterdam looks so impressive with this liquid chocolate!

Very nice for the article, I hope,
I also like you,
thank you

I LOVE Abraxas! You might think I love it because I blow but I don't! Abraxas is a very arty place as you already can see on the picture in this post! Great post btw. Amazing to see all those spots again. I am Dutch myself and I have been many times into Amsterdam. I have to be honest, I really don't like it. Way too busy for me.

It is amazing
your post make me want to go again
There are a few places on your list i havent been to

what's ?


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wow ! great. I'm currently using
Now, I'm trying to use this new one


Sure ! Soon you will be able to post directly to steemit


congratulations beautiful photographs

@charlieshrem, great timing! I was just thinking this morning I'd like to research a few places to visit while I'm there in November. I'd definitely like to see a few of these places you recommend during SteemFest. Thanks for the tips!


Happy to give u some more recommendations as well when we'll meet us there :)


That will be great @cass! I wish my wife and I had more time there. I know we'll definitely be back though.

Great pix. Thanks for sharing!

To make it easier for you to visit these places I make all air-planes tickets cheaper, donating each day 50 % of my witness rewards to the Travel Reimbursement Fund @t-r-f ;)

you're the man!

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We are pumped to go Charlie!!

This is great I formation and suggestions! I have never been to Amsterdam and would love to go Steem Fest! Thank you for sharing!

the only ticket i got for sleeping outside was opposite nemo on the side you took the photo from (het bibliotek, toch?)... never went to abraxas... my fave was one near the homeless drop in centre that was the best, and first i saw, on um... i forget now. it was called 'supermarkt' cheapest prices in town. ah yes, bilderdijkstraat!

i have been to Abraxas its an awesome place!!!great post!!