Cambodia #22: Climate and Weather in Cambodia

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The climate in Cambodia can generally be described as tropical. As the country is influenced by monsoon, it is hot and damp with an overage temperature around 27.C (80.F). There are two particular seasons in Cambodia: the Rainy Season and the Dry Season. Notwithstanding, the Dry Season is partitioned into two sub-seasons, cool and hot. These seasons are:  

The Rainy Season: From June till October 27-35.C (80-95.F)   

The Dry Season (Cool): From November till February 17-27.C (80-95.F)   

The Dry Season (Hot): From March till May 29-38.C (84-100.F) 

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In your country, it's raining down all the time, while here in my all are dying because there's no water... what a crazy world.

Sorry to hear that in your country there's no water and I hope that your country should have water as mine.

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