[Catt's Travel] Costa Rica: (La Fortuna) Arenal Volcano, Cerro Chato Volcano, Fortuna Waterfall

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As we arrived, it was gloomy with light showers. Although reviews and forums mentioned there would be rain in weather forecasts, it cannot be certain because weather is not easily predictable and it’s usually dryer than what’s stated. Because of that tip (and knowing we went during dry-season), we disregarded the weather forecasts.

We explored the town of Fortuna; tons of restaurants and stores. Definitely looking forward to exploring and seeing:

  • Arenal Volcano,
  • Cerro Chato Volcano, and
  • Fortuna waterfall

Photo by: thecostaricatoursite

Volcano DetailsArenalCerro ChatoWaterfall
Elevation1,670 m (5,480 ft)1,140 m (3,740 ft)75 m (246 ft) total height
Last Eruption5/1998~3,500 years agoN/A
Hike: Distance3.2 km (8.25 mi)6.4 km (4 mi)1 km (0.6 miles)
Hike: Elevation Change74 m/243 ft659 m/2,162 ft52m/171 ft

Can you see why I want to go to Cerro Chato volcano so badly? You can swim in the lagoon of bluish-green water that fills the crater! (Crater is 500 (1,640 ft) wide. Praying to the weather gods that it will be sunny and dry!!

Although the government closed the trails to Cerro Chato Volcano (as of July 2017), we were still planning on hiking it. We wanted to hike the Cerro Chato volcano, but we opted to go the Fortuna Observatory because we knew the ‘trail’ to Cerro Chato volcano was not maintained and will be very difficult (it was also highly advised to go when the grounds are dry). Instead, we explored Fortuna Observatory; there were scattered showers, so we got wet but also dried up. Please note the photos above do not belong to me, although I wish they did!

After exploring the Arenal Observatory, we then headed to Fortuna Waterfall. Breathtaking and a really large waterfall! Because the storm rolled in when we arrived, it was chilly and the water was freezing-hence why I didn’t get to take a dip :(

There were scattered showers and have been progressively getting clearer during the days we have been here, so let’s hope the weather continues to get better because I’m zip lining tomorrow! Hopefully after zip lining, we can swim in the lagoon in the volcano! Praying to the weather gods that it will be sunny and dry!!

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Excellent travel report. I can tell that you are really really looking forward to swimming in that volcanic lagoon! I wish you great weather to achieve that dream!

Haha, glad you're enjoying my travel report! :) And thanks, definitely need all the warm/great weather wishes to have the sun stay out