Goodbye Mexico. Hello South Africa!

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This week has been bittersweet. It's a word that I love to use.

Bittersweet-adj: A certain sensation used to describe moments in life that make you feel two opposing emotions simultaneously. These moments make you feel bitter because you need to say goodbye to them, but they also make you feel sweet because you are excited for what's to come.

On Sunday night, I felt my heart break slightly as I said goodbye to my family in Mexico. Today, I sit in my home in Somerset West, my heart feels happy and content with my best friend @pieterb3. We've been eating like kings and sipping tequilas like true Mexican legends. Que Bueno!

The last few days in Mexico were bliss. On the last day, my sister and I came up with what seemed like a brilliant and inspiring idea at the time. "TATOOS!" we both agreed in excitement. We were going to get matching tattoos on our last evening in Mexico, in order to remember this holiday forever. Finally, we convinced my brother to join in on the idea. After numerous amounts of cocktails and tequilas on a beach in Tulum, we made our way to a tattoo parlor. It was 9 o clock in the evening and we were on a family mission.

"Okay wait! I have an idea!" I announced proudly in front of the parlor. "If we get an appointment within the next 30 minutes, we're going in! If not, we leave! Let's leave this one up to destiny! Destiny is smart, a lot smarter than what we are, she'll know what to do!" Everyone nodded and cheered in agreement. "Destiny, destiny!" they chimed.

They could only see us in 2 hours, so we left the parlor with no ink. Thank the heavens. I would have had a little turtle on my ribs today if I didn't leave it up to destiny. However, tattoos don't always keep the memories alive, they'll be in my mind and heart forever anyways.

The four amigos: my brother's girlfriend, my sister, me and my brother


Checking out Chitzen Itza, Mexico




Beach day in Akumal and Tulum, Mexico




It took 2 days to get back to South Africa, but I was welcomed by a candle-lit picnic, oysters, cheese, crackers and wine. I also made sure to bring a yummy present back home, namely, Don Julio Tequila. It was enjoyed with lime and tomato cocktail juice, just like how they do it in Mexico.


Nice post

I feel you! The bittersweetness has me since weeks now ans will go on until I travel back to Europe in one month. I have been living in mexico for a year now and it has me sad to leave. But I am also happy to see my family in Europe

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@capetowngirl has someone told you that you are very intelligent? Well you are. Keep on posting, really enjoying your stories.