My travel diary #1 - Cuba, Havana and Varadero

in travel •  last year

Finally back and already missing this view !


After 10 hours of flight, 1 hour bus ride, we finally arrived in Cuba !


We stayed 3 days in the capital city, Havana. It is very famous for all the old american cars. You can take a ride for one hour around and appreciate the view in the Old town.

Visiting the Old Havana was like walking into a time warp. There's still the hispano-colonial influence.


Also, if you got the chance, don't forget to pass by this bar called "La Bodeguita del Medio" in the Old town, where famous personalities were regular (Ernest Hemingway, Salvador Allende or Pablo Neruda) and is apparently the birthplace of the famous cocktail called Mojito.


Cheers ! Mojito, consists of a mix of white rhum, lime juice, sugar cane, soda water and mint.


Lobster, one of Cuba's famous dish ! IMG_20170622_123614.jpg

After staying in Havana, we moved to Varadero, about 2h30 away by car. It is one of the most famous seaside resort and one of the biggest in the Caribbean. And for a good reason : white sand, crystal water, hot and sunny weather, what else ?



Oh yeah ! Fresh coconut !

From the tree to your mouth ! So refreshing !

Thank you for reading ! Until next time !


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This looks amazing. Really want to visit Cuba.


You should ! It's an amazing country with very friendly people.

very nice. How are the people toward tourists? Can you get by without knowing much spanish?


They are very nice, very friendly ! It's a bit difficult to communicate with them because they only speak Spanish or just a few words in English but they managed to understand you.

Cuba is amazing !


nice post have a nice vacation 👍👍


Thank you :))

Amazing, good written, this is no1 on my Bucket list!! Wish you had more pictures 😊😊. Thanks for sharing


Thank you for your comment :)

Nice to see the Photos. Been to Cuba few times, the beach, people and culture are unique, bur food needs improvement.


Yes, it's true Cuba is an amazing country, sadly not the food.

Great photos! What was it like to experience being there?


Thank you :) It was amazing, the landscape are breathtaking and the Cubans are very nice, very friendly.