Beautiful trip to GuiZhou (two ) 醉美贵州之行二 荔波小七孔

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Today I will introduce the Seven hole view area to my dear steemit friends. In the morning we took the bus and set off . It is located in the southwest of Libo County, about 28 kilometers away.



It is only 1 kilo meters wide and 12 kilometers long deep narrow valley with holes , forests, lakes ,waterfalls , strange stones, and so on . It is so wonderful that every tourist here will feel shocked and excited. The scenic spots are Tong Gu bridge and seven hole view ancient bridge, culvert Bitan, Rajat falls and Wolong river ecological corridor drift etc..



Tonggu Bridge
The bridge is located in Seven hole view area East Gate, across the River Zhang. It is the shape of Dayaoshan Tong Gu, so called "Tong Gu drum bridge".

Tong Gu is regarded as a present sent by god , great treasure of the house . It is also a symbol of power. The totem pole of the bridge symbolizes Yao's dignity, the ancestors and gods worship, to conquer the natural confidence and strength. The column of the relief patterns shows Yao’s , traditional unique and ancient culture.


The beautiful old stone bridge has a beautiful fairy tale. In ancient times there was a man named Ji Yao . His right hand only has a finger, but the finger alone has the power of magic. He can make the hard rock into general soft mud, more amazingly , after a night , it can restore the nature of hard rock. There were seven girls. They saw the villagers for the culvert Bitan resistance, they decided to work together in building a culvert Bitan bridge. They came in Xiaoshan,. The man with a single finger poking stones, then the girls changed soft pinch stone into a brick bridge. a girl is responsible for a hole. They worked and worked for about forty –nine days . it was finished successfully. And because the bridge was made of seven girls, it had another name called "Seven Bridges".

Let’s enjoy the seven hole bridge, The mist durian, drifting profusely and disorderly to give visitors to blowing, cool and beautiful enjoyment. It can wash the dust and heat fatigue, then you will feel relaxed and excited. isn’t it beautiful ?

小七孔12 桥.jpg

Raja waterfall !


小七孔9 溪水山.jpg

小七孔8 溪水.jpg

小七孔7 溪水.jpg


This is WoLong waterfall , wonderfull ?

小七孔2 瀑布 平.jpg


On the way to the forest, we also found this wild fruit. We do not know whether it can be eat or not , but it looks good, doesn’t it ?




After a whole day’s trip , we relaxed in the hotel , small but clean.



This is my wonderful Seven hole view area travel . If you like it , I always appreciate your upvote , be sure to follow my other post and leave the comment , let me know what you think.

今天我向大家介绍我的贵州之行第二天,荔波小七孔之旅。 小七孔景区位于荔波县西南部,距县城28公里。早上我们坐大巴旅游车开始出发了。







过小七孔桥,曲行百米许,即见拉雅瀑布。是不是很震撼? 反正我是无法表达啦!水雾飘飘洒洒,纷纷扬扬,那扑面的凉爽和美的享受,可一洗你征尘的暑热和劳乏,让人顿觉轻松和振奋。


卧龙潭,因拦河坝形成的绿水深潭和滚水瀑布及传说的卧龙而得名。卧龙潭,喀斯特暗河——卧龙河的出口处。 从地表看它只是卧龙河的源头。暗河从崖底涌出,潭面上不见踪影,只有坝上雪崩似的滚水瀑布,才感到卧龙河在潭底翻动,潭边怪石奇树林立,古木森森,潭外水声轰鸣,雾雨蒙蒙,四周高山紧锁,水犹如地底深渊,即便是发洪水时,潭面也犹如镜子般平静。卧龙潭湖水湛蓝清澈,岸上的山峰、绿树、竹林倒映湖中,色彩斑斓绚丽,置身其间,犹如画中游。

在通往林中走的路上,我们还发现了这种野果,不知道能不能吃, 但看起来是不是很好看呢?



Oh my god!
The pictures are so nice @bxt
I really just can't let such pics pass by me without thanking who posted them.
The combination between the weather , green and the water in the middle is wow .

Thanks for sharing with us !

thanks !

Nice trip! Thanks for sharing :)

thanks for your comment.

thanks , your comment is my pleasure !


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how much money did you spend for this tour?

about 5000 yuan . hehe

Wow China is so beautiful! I thought it was only smokestacks and smog. That is all we see in western TV.

that is long time ago, now it has changed a lot , and our Chinese dream will come true! thanks for your comment!

Your images are beautiful. The photo with the trees roots separated by tiny rivulets was amazing. The lush greenery and the soft almost misty hue in some of the pictures is quite calming imagery. I wonder if that is a Persimmon that you picked? Did you eat it? Your room appeared luxurious and the view, impressive. I enjoyed your presentation. Great post @bxt.

i can't eat the fruit ,but it's really cool ! i am sorry for picking it from the tree , never do it any more ,heh e . thanks for your commment , and hope to keep upvoting me !

It's beautiful indeed. Great job

I never heard about this city before, wow! It's on my to go list for sure now, thanks for sharing!

yeah , worth seeing .thanks !

hi, I live in Myanmar Cointry.
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wow amazing trip @bxt congratulate :) please visit my blog if you like.

Wow Great place never seen like GuiZhou place thanks man for sharing :)

thank you for upvoting me !

Wow!! this place is so beautiful. I wish to visit there :)

welcome !

Wow! thats pretty cool

thanks !

That was a fantastic log of your journey! I thoroughly enjoyed reading through it as well as seeing the pictures!

thanks !


是啊, 绝对的!

nice and beautiful place

thanks your comment !

The views behind the photography seems adorable. Such a lovely place to visit .will definitely add it to my travel book.

en , worth seeing !

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贵州是一个好地方 感谢分享

是的, 很少的保留原始风貌的地方!

What a great looking place! Never heard of it but it looks like fun!

I admire your way to live :) Please check my little journey тhe trip that I made soon. I hope you enjoy my photos. @nakedchef89

That's a place I want to visit! How do you get there? What's the best way? (From the Netherlands....). Kind regards,

Nature is truly beautiful! Great photos man! Love the first one the best!

I talk everyday to Chinese companies about importing materials to middle east! I got a couple of chances from my company to visit , but how stupid of me to turn it down! I will take it next time! Great post! btw I am new to Steemit, Would appreciate all interest in my profile, Do leave an upvote if you like something and follow, please check my latest post
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