Trip to London - 22/05/2018 - Day 1

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Taken shortly after the last picture I got a picture looking over the river thames and the city skyline as the sunset went down, if you are in the city and are wanting to go to the river thames/tower bridge try get there by sunset! it was a pretty cool place to be and have never seen anything like it before. In the next images we will be heading to the Museum of London so give me and follow and keep and eye out!

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Upvoted , i am using @steepshot to see this post and am very happy to see your using this app btcvenom! niiice man this is a really good pic too!
oh man that "chat" butt0on got me excited i see your just reusing what you posted on snapchat or is that just your phone?

i also wanted to visit London, as well as the world. but pitty me, i have some limits .

Have a good time ...

The picture you are presenting is no doubt teeling that the sunset view and the river flowing water its voice and the tower bridge awesome simply cant imagine the sight which you have imagining from london i cant just say speecheless its my dream to visit england from my childhood but still cant get their and may be not but one thing i can do that is thanks for you for sharing this view for steemit where i can enjoy this with you God bless you more and more

So beatiful view. I wish to travel to London. It is my dream to be there and watch the sunset over the river. Thanks for sharing this awesome view

What an amazing sunset! Love it!

Nice view ☺️

By the look of it, time and effort put into it, yet it appears effortless
Great work.


My dream is go visit is awesome.your photography is just amazing.i like you blog

@btcvenom i have messaged you on is london treating you...hope you are having a good time

Awesome area and good photography.

photography is perfect.thanks

Wow amazing place❤️

That sunset thought !!

Perfect photograph

@ackza, Well I took the photo using snapchat as it gives a clearer image. I just did not upload it to snapchat

Oh no doubt it is a beautiful photo. I love watching the sunsets, it is funny as throughout the history of humanity, we have held many ideals of beauty for different contexts, such as the beauty of people, animals, art, dance and music. but we forget that there is a kind of beauty that has made men and women sigh for thousands of years: the beauty of sunset.
I love the sunsets, when the king star, with his mission accomplished, hides behind the mountains and invites us to rest. Every minute we can discover the beauty that surrounds us. I'm glad that for a we could enjoy the beauty of a sunset.
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You have my vote, and I stay attentive to your next publications!

Awesome photography.