Trip to London - 21/05/2018 - Day 1

in travel •  8 months ago


After landing at Gatwick and getting to where I was stay I decided to have a quick nap before heading over to Tower Bridge! Some people call it London Bridge <----- those people are wrong though. We got there just in time to watch the sunset and I managed to capture this while standing on the bridge. Sunset over the river Thames and a silhouette of the city! P.S Before you ask there is NO FILTER it is 100% the original photo!

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I remember the time when I visited this such nice place. The london eye and the clay store of celebrity. For all the countries I visited so far I think the london is the most I enjoyed.


How I wish to be here in the future, what a lovely place❤️

I'd like to visit London sometime in the future. Looking forward to more pictures.

This is such a beautiful sun view.

Nice ..
Great post from you, well done on the photos
Thanks for sharing your experience..

great pic i love London

Great photo, my old office is just behind you! And I was married at the Tower of London, so lots of memories rekindled when I saw this! (We now live in France and I have only been back once in 8 years). I'm a Londoner born and bred, so I'm really looking forward to your next photos!

wow, congrats fot this amazing picture @btcvenom! Quite rare to catch such a sunset! London is definitely one of the most beautiful cities of the world, not only because of its modern architecture, but also thanks to the culture variety and this amazing atmosphere you can feel. To me it some how gives a business mood, if you know what I mean. But I wanted to ask you what do you think will happen to this amazing city once Brexit will be officially introduced. Do you think it is going to loose its beauty?

Que chido tus viajes, saludos

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@btcvenom i guess you are having a good time at london...?

So nice view of sunset

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oh ... how much i love to visit like this place i hope to be nice time every time ... i will resteem to show my friend this place

What a peaceful picture. Even no rain. Thanks for sharing.

I love sunset pics. This makes me want to dig up all the old ones and post them here.

I like article

One of my dream is goto london. Thanks for sharing this one of a kind photo.

beatiful shot with the sunset this kind of photo!

I love sunset pics.What a tranquil picture. Indeed, even no rain. A debt of gratitude is in order for sharing.

Amazing .i am really astonishment.because sunset i really know travailing my first hobby..

thank you for your post

a beautiful city

Yeah looks like with filter :D awesome job

Esa es una muy buena foto, te felicito, saludos.

i like your post and wish to visit London

thank you. good a postTower Bridge! Some people call it London Bridge <----- those people are wrong though. We got there just in time to watch the sunset and I managed to capture this while standing on the bridge. Sunset over the river Thames and a silhouette of the city.i share you.i think when i visit london. i like and love country englan people.i hope all steemit friend agree with me.

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This is a beautiful photo. I had been thinking about traveling to London and after seeing this , I am even more determined to make the trip.

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Phenomenal photo.. thank you for the post.👍🏽


Hello. Great post!


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London bridge is falling down, my fair lady! Enjoy London @btcvenom!

Wonderful sunset shot! London is one of the few major capitals of the world I still have on my bucket list.

Nice sunset. And no filter, that is awesome! Glad you are enjoying London

Great stuff i like it :-) I like London and your pics

GOOD ... .^^.

Actually very beautiful a photography. Because 100% original photo. Color and background is natural. Very beautiful.

I love watching the sunset, it relaxes me and helps me reflect.

Indahnya sunset cocok ini jalan jalan sore untuk mengusir suntuk sambil berolahraga. Terimakasih postingannya ya semoga sukses terus

This picture is obviously mind blowing.It is captured with the natural side.Sunset shows that every day of our life is start with a charming moment.I love this so much.

Perfect click 👌👌👌

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Beautiful landscape out there in london. Sunset eith a beautiful land and some outstamding sky scrapers. Awesome photography and good picture. Though.

Nice shoot to show the beatiful view. Unfortunately, I barely have the chance to visit London. Follow you and look forwards to see more shares

Amazing! Cool.

Beautiful sunset and great capture of the afternoon's chill mood. Makes me want to travel to London (:

Yes! This capture is beyond dope! Images like this make me grateful for this awesome planet we live on!

Nice pic! I want to visit London someday

The light and colors looks so amazing, nice pic!

very good landscape :)

Wow, so good. This place is one of my wish list.

this city is always beautiful :)

Very nice picture of sunset. Have you used Oyster cards for transportation in London.


Yeah of course, they are essential to get around in London!

"Sunset" Every sunset is on opportunity to "Rest". so enjoy the every sunset.