Trip to London - 21/05/2018 #1

in travel •  6 months ago


The start of my trip to London, we had just taken off from Edinburgh airport heading to London Gatwick. Shortly after take off (The first time flying in 12 years and it went smoothly thankfully!) I managed to snap a quick picture and it looked so cool! (The one above!^)

I had not flown in so long I could not really remember what it was like, it is safe to say now that I am doing well and am just about 18 you will be seeing a lot more travel related posts/steepshots of my future journeys! I will be uploading 1 picture a day throughout my stay here in London so why not give a follow and watch out for my next post.

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waitiing for more photos

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So nice pic I like it

You do the same as me, every day 1 Picture, thats cool :-)
And you like to make pics in the air as i do ;-)
So you have a realy beautiful Gallery, then you have my follow fore shure ;-)
Maybe you like my pics too it would be nice if you check it...

Incredible, I hope you have a great trip, the best sensation is on see and to have new experiences. @btcvenom