The Cruise Industry is Missing the Boat BIG TIME!

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Today I give the Cruise Ship Industry a lesson on bringing their business into the future and providing added value at almost zero cost to their current customer base. This is a WIN WIN situation Cruise Industry Leaders! Which one of you is going to be first and take a chance that I'm right? You won't be sorry that you did.....


I think you just gave me a damn good idea . Travel the world , steemit, and travel it again . Boss level . Job and vaca mode

Soooo many people would love to learn how to do this.

Of course but if done correctly boss

Ow man how I'd love to get a lecture from someone like you on cryptos, not just on a cruise, on any vacation and I've been around cryptos for a while now and I still have so much to learn and understand. For people who have no basic knowledge on cryptos, take it from me coz I had to learn ALL BY MYSELF, I'd kill to get someone with the expertise to sit me down and explain me what a blockchain is, why the financial system and the banks are failing are cryptocurrencies generated...where is the money coming from and the list goes on and on. Absolutely a stupid move from them to turn down an offer like this!!

thanks for education post.😊

great lession bro like your post .😊

I would come see you on the cruise brother!

Single and ready to mingle xD

Good luck on your cruises if they realize your potential and value what you're bringing to table! For me, it seems like a really cool idea!

Yeah, we're gonna keep coming back and watch you! Haha

Much Love, Luka.

cruise passengers would love to know this i am damn sure lets get this done @broncnutz

Thanks what I'm screamin!

They are an untalent agency if they don't [email protected]! Time to greet out the cruise wear and go under cover LoveBoat style!

Boss.....da plane!!!!!

I like how you talked about people can get paid from steem doing what they're already doing, that's sure to get some attention from staff and customers alike. They can gain so much from coming into this while steemit is still not mainstream at this point. Examples include:

    Post regularly using their own tag and delegate SP to frequent verifiable posters, incentivizing customers to show how "exhilarating the cruise is!"

    Create their own steem smart media token to have customers purchase amenities, thereby locking them into their own ecosystem

    Showing reviews are made by real people due to the verification process and reputation score, giving authenticity to the experience they want to convey

I bet if you show them that list, it'll make them change their tune really quick.

Hope one day you'd come to Singapore.... Steemit -> Cruise -> repeat ! wow!
another good idea @broncnutz

Lets Make this happen!

Oh brother... This is so typical. They just can't be current. I recommend escalating this to the cruise company executives if you can. Likely the talent agency has been told specifically what to look for. Time to social engineer @broncnutz!

And they could also accept crypto payments for all their services they're offering. On top of that.

No kidding...all each ship has to do it get a Steemit account which would be smart and people could make instant and FREE transactions to them. No Brainer.

Wonderfull video @broncnutz every time i enjoyed to watch your video, cause your are a very intereting men and your talking style is too good ☺ thankyou for sharing the best ideas about crypto, i learn many things about crypto news, you are the jack of crypto masters and sharing the best news related to cryptocurrencies thankyo for the valuable information 💕
Stay blessed

LOL...thank you.

Yah you are okay......;)

You don't have to look at your wallet to know that what you would bring to the table would be fantastic and profitable (though I sometimes snoop in there when swimming around in the minnow pool gets old)

The fact is, you are on to something so much before the early majority that this cruise person just isn't ready to hear the message. Another fact is that this cruise person is thinking about whether he/she made a bad decision, or is going to get smacked with a realization of the blown opportunity at some point.

Anyhow, you must have failed your way to successfully running a multi million dollar company. You failed your way into a great wallet and bought your freedom here.

Refine your message, up your game and go at it again. You will do it and I will upvote the hell out of that video as well. Go show em all some west/west.

I gotta get on one of these boats and just prove it to them....this is a great idea.

Exactly @broncnutz
You are right and you give them best lesson
And yeah you know alot of things you teach us everything about crypto!!!!
You are jack of all trades
Stay blessed and thanks for being with us
BTW when you are going on next trip?

I think the same as your @aliza01. We owe a lot to @broncnutz he has taught us a lot about crypto. Regards!

Cruise passengers would love to learn a little about this new technology

Hey @broncnutz what a great intro.. i like the horse at the beginning.. I need to get a cruise and start to joy life ..


Thank you for watching

I am very glad that you use your knowlegde .
Hope fully that cruise industry will take your lesson and it will help them and also for you .
Keep going on dear .
Best of luck for your bright future

Yes tou are right absolutely @broncnutz your idea or can say the lesson will make them a win win situation sir.

Great ideas you always come up with, you are going bigger and bigger every day @broncnutz keep it up

Great sir
Thanks for advise
I saw your video in you tube
Resteem and upvote done

Sounds like a win-win to me. You need to charter your own boat and call it the crypto cruise!

cryptocruise? sounds like cruising for cryptos in the back alley.. and go to the speakeasy den

hahah no kids problem lol you have the freedom bro lets rock and roll ; )

That's why I think I'm perfect to do this job.

That is a very smart way of being able to cruise around talking about things you love ... that's why i'm considering singing on a cruise so that i can see the whole world while also doing something i love :) and of course vlogging about it on steemit while on a cruise :P That's what i love about steemit is that you can you work while traveling :D

The cruising industry is messed up in more ways than one.

One of the biggest problems is their internet connections (or lack thereof). I already blogged about it here.

This is a great idea you will be doing your best to teach them just like made for each other :D

The OG Broncnutz and the cruise industry are meant for each other! They are missing the boat buddy.

I think so too! Thanks

i was just imagining it after this and i feel you are absolutely right there it is going to be excellent big thumbs up

they are already missing a lot they deserves you as you have more to offer them they would have given you

The boat is sailing anyway and if its not sold out and i can go on quick notice.....they win big!

D way you tap your fingers at the beginning of your videos are so funny. Wow so u'r back from Anapulco... I bet u missed your maid a great deal. Now u wanna go for the Cruise industry. Awesome. Keep on moving @broncnutz

Sounds unbelievable that you're not married with kids though. Hahahah... Weldone boss

I like to keep it pushin! lol...thanks for watching

Yes o... I always have fun watching your videos. Even when my data is very low. U'r duin awesomely well

If anybody from the cruise industry sees this, we can vouch that @broncnutz is qualified to do this!

Thanks for the endorsement.

Posted details on 2nd post made about this. Was seeing if I could find the director for the studio rooms but no luck yet. Thought you would like to see the setup. Would be a killer matchup.

@broncnutz thankyou for gave me the best idea and explanation the cryptocurrencies. This is really best lesson for bringing in their business and for the bright future, its helps a lot to the successful and this crypto traders field.
thankyou for the great video information :)
All the best!!!

Nice post. Thanks for your share, well done.

thats really nice to hear about your idea and you have a great lesson sir <3
thanks for your support @broncnutz

Thanks for giving you this advice! Hope you will succeed for this one day!

I would like to thank you for giving me special idea and info about crypto currency . It is helpful for lot of success . This special you brought front us thank you . Have a nice day . all the best.

Yes we won't be sorry for it because we got our brothers recommendation @broncnutz

Recently in Australia a rare message of about 1859 was found in a green glass bottle isn't that insane ....... @broncnutz nice informative video i have subscribed your channel on YouTube . I just love watching your videos

great one sir.
thanks for giving this advice.

Okay thanks for all the information.... This is really amazing. I bet they might wanna grab this piece of information to their benefit.

@broncnutz.......... wow great your video. cruise ship industry is best idea. i agree with you. i always see your video and enjoy it. and thanks......... for share

never been in a cruise ship of my life long dreams

Good Travel!

Not only do I want to risk my reasoning, I want to be on a cruise too lol

Wow.... it’s a great video @broncnutz... cruise ship industry is a good idea... and it’s have a wonderful future... I appreciated you... carry on ... and I always enjoyed your video... thanks for sharing.

Sir I agree... you are 100% right... nice work.

hahaha...😂 yes off course...go for it sir 😁✌

great video.realy nice future.

help me, i just joined in steemit

Yeah you gave a damn good idea and a best lessson to us. Keep sharing more stuff 😊

fantastic info by @broncnutz thank man for sharing with us

win win situation for all i see this could be a turnaround :D

Useful videos,
Especially for me as a newcomer in steem,
Thank you very much

I have yet to even dive into the cruise industry (no pun intended), just heard so many awful stories.

Nice video. If they're not in crypto yet then definitely, they're missing the "BIG BOAT"

wow Great video thank you @broncnutz for sharing this valuable information with us keep sharing like this buddy you are doing great job i appreciate ur work keep ur efforts like this u are always good @broncnutz

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Even many of us do it but you should be leading the change nice idea @broncnutz time to lead the change

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a very meaningful video of enlightenment, the positive energy you disseminate through cryptocurrency explanations makes the audience of this post understand which way the cruise you are intending to sail, I am just watching your video first, but I can judge that the path you are traveling is spreading goodness and learning through this video can benefit the audience, thanks for making me more insightful about cryptocurrency.

Tell the cruise industry like it is!

Funnily enough, Sam's aunt and her husband go on many cruise ships and they recently talked (about a week ago) about the guest speakers on board the ones the you go on. From a former spy agent to a guy who had been "killed" three times. You're facing big competition there lol! We guess it really depends on their clientele, but we think you have what it takes to be a guest speaker on one of these cruise ships. Try Royal Caribbean Cruises if Norwegian isn't giving you the value added time for your consideration.

@ Cruise Industry, this guy is legit!

you fit perfectly into that no problem at all are you listening Cruise Industry

Yeah you are right sir.your idea must be helpful.thanks @broncnutz for your great idea

it will be double fun of vacations too and work along with it super nice

informative post, thanks for share!

I spread this across every channel of social media have got.
Its going to be mind blowing when the winner is chosen..
Done my part @broncnutz.

hopefully finger crossed this will be a reality soon :) i have full faith

ye future is now. hope they hear you. when thinking about a cruise ship, it's probably a little wrong for the audience, so maybe a little hard to sell, no matter if crypto is the future or not
had a conversation with my father i did not tell him a in tho cropto, but in his mind its all a scam

very good post are a lucky man..great.thanks for your post sharing.

Go big or go home

C Springs represent!!! I think this would be a great idea to offer on a cruise. I don't know much about you but what I do know from the RMS group definitely would make me want to listen to what you have to say! I hope you're able to do something like this. That would be super rad!

My bags are packed already. When is the boat leaving?

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