Georgia Peach Comes to Boulder, Colorado....Okurrr

in travel •  2 months ago

Meet my friend Elyse who came to Colorado on a business trip. We spent the little bit of free time she had walking along Pearl Street in Boulder Colorado.

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Ain’t nothing like a beer with some friends . I always like a cold beer near a beautiful view with some great vibes around me
Cheers mate


You would love this little college town. It’s set right in the foothills of the flatiron mountains. Very beautiful place.


i agree there is nothing like a beer with friends 😍

Thanks @broncnutz for this great video, have a nice time with your friend!

Have a great time with your friend sir . Nice video . Good luck your friend . Thanks for sharing @broncnutz

You and your friend having a great time i am so happy for you.

Man I really need to get out to Co. great vid and I’m glad you enjoyed your time with your friend.

Excelente amigo, siempre es bueno y maravilloso disfrutar del tiempo libre, Dios te bendiga hermano @broncnutz

Hello Friend i am so glad to see you again just enjoy your day.


Hello Friend i am
So glad to see you again
Just enjoy your day.

                 - sarah.taylor

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

wow you both have found a great time nice to see smile on your face again sir.

You are having a great time sir nice to see you in this mood.

Nice place to visit such a wonderful video you have shared.

This is such an amazing place to spend our time by walking.You guys are having a great time.

That's it, I'm moving to Colorado. He's having waaay too much fun over there! :) That's some nice, steady camera-work too!


It’s that GoPro Karma Grip....awesome product.

You guys went everywhere and even enjoyed the arcade.
Pretty cool and fun walk on Pearl Street.

how divine it is to share with great friends and have some beer, the best

Very good , enjoying with your friend . You and your friend are in funny mood .

As always, watched your video. Congratulations for steemit reputation 72

Nice walking around video! It's nice to see you have taken time for your friend Elyse, so her business trip was more fun. You could also relax a little bit before game against the Redskins.

This is such a cool place you are so lucky.

Oh nice. Looks good. Nice video. Good luch dear @broncnutz

You always brings something special for us thank you so much @broncnutz

You are the entertainment king have a great day @broncnutz

Have a great time with your friend.looking great. And what news about game?


Game is tomorrow night.

Excellent business! Great broncnutz

Nice video, you are walking and enjoying in the street and shops .

Very enjoyable walk in pearl street with your friend .

@broncnutz, Hope that you both have enjoyed the Lunch and it's reflecting as you are having nice walk at lively place and it have nice vibes too.

Great to see the awesome Street Market and addon effect was your Sketch which pop up in the video. And i hope that this street market exploration gave both of you an fun time.

Games are always awesome and when we play the retro machine games that gives an great essence and in my opinion that experience would be better than other gaming ways.

And amazing talent and art by that man, and sometimes these kind of act really amaze us and also increase that Emotional Aspect because they go through from a lot to come up with this piece.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂


Thank you....and thanks for watching.


Welcome. 🙂

Wonderful time to enjoy awesome vlog you shared thanks for sharing that :)

You Resurrected Ty Cobb ?? @broncnutz............


I mean I do what I can do.....


I enjoyed this video with you and Elyse........Ty Cobb will be there if we need him.


"I had to fight all my life to survive. They were all against me... but I beat the bastards and left them in the ditch." Tyrus Raymond Cobb.....................

Your videos are awesome you are having the best time sir.

I will watch your whole video,,,,very Amazing shop looks so wonderful,,,beer is so tasty drink,,,peoples like this,,,Many benifits of this drink in our health,,you and your friend looks so beautiful,,,,your voice is so cute,,,walking is more important in our health,,,your country is very beautiful,,very neat and clean street,,,i really like your video,,,,thanks for sharing this great video,,,

such a nice place sir...great video

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Man I really need to get out to Co. great vid and I’m glad you enjoyed your time with your friend.

wow this is really amazing

the vlog made me as if i am there with you lol i really enjoyed 😍

enjoy with friends

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Taking a trip to Colorado is definitely on my bucket list. Looks like a great place to live.