By the light of the silvery ocean — Steemit

By the light of the silvery ocean

in travel •  11 months ago


I am looking out to sea, across three hundred kilometres of water towards Melbourne. This is the bass strait. From here in Burnie (Tasmania), the ocean looks silvery, moody, glittery and serene. Out there it gets rough, ship sinking rough.



I could sit here for hours, watching the ocean change.



Behind me, inland a few kilometres, is abundant fertile red soil valleys.


Until next time


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Nice post and photography

Nice post friend. I am also love to go and spend time at occasions like this. I am also a nature lover. Keep posting like this article.

nice place and wonderful photography

Thanks for sharing, nice photos

Wow! Very amazing photos of an ocean and beautiful valleys.
You have captured this very perfectly.
Thanks for sharing this wonderful photography.

very beautiful scenery when it's there. and the picture is quite clear

I also have photos of beaches in Indonesia.

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