A day at ‘The Nut’

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Nestled in a place named the ‘edge of the world’, the seaside town of Stanley is just gorgeous. The town hugs the base of a large rock formation (a stump of an old volcano) called ‘the nut.’ Towering above the town, you can get the blood pumping with a steep climb to the top or take the chair lift.

What stuck me the most about Stanley is the beautiful light, soft pastel colours of the land and ocean contrasted against the rugged isolated coastal beauty of North West Tasmania.





As with most Tasmanian towns, Stanley is rich with history. You can easily spend a few hours wandering around the heritage homes.



There is also a fabulous small aquarium that is ideal for children.

Interesting fact: The movie based on the novel “The Light Between Ocean” was partially filmed in Stanley. While the story is set on an island off the coast of Western Australia some of the scenes were shot in Stanley. Comparatively little work was required to turn the town into a 1920’s street scape.

Perhaps my visit to Stanley coincided with the best weather they have had all year, but this town charmed me.

I imagined myself living in one of those old colonial homes, spending my days tending to my flower garden, beach combing and buying seafood from the local fishermen.


Until next time


Brings back memories of 40 odd years ago when I was living in the north of Tasmania

Waw very beautiful scenery

Que lugar tan hermoso y tranquilo, como me encantaría visitar ese lugar algún día.

AMAZING nature. Very nice mount and sea @bridgetbunchy

Really amazing place and also reflecting as existed with purity, the beautiful beach where we can walk freely without any tensions and burdens. Thanks for sharing this post with us.

Stay Blessed.

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