Latacunga, Ecuador: Destroyed by a volcano; rebuilt by a volcano

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Latacunga, Ecuador is a city that lives and dies with Cotopaxi, the volcano it is built next to. The volcano has blessed the surrounding soil with nutrients and a constant flow of glacial ice melt provides fresh water. But when the volcano erupts it will destroy the city. Three times in recorded history Cotopaxi has leveled the city but each time the city is rebuilt. In fact, it is literally rebuilt with the instrument of it's destruction. Latacunga City Hall is the only municipal building in the world built from pumice--a stone formed by cooling lava.



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Truly informative and really interesting post. I can understand, how a life can be, living by the volcano, there are really very brave people on this earth. Nice captures.

wonderful pix

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Wow the pumice stone looks pretty decent, I'd imagine it's pretty expensive considering how difficult it is to extract?


It's a fairly common building material in Latacunga and theres a few buildings at least partially made with pumice. There's a nearly endless supply of it all around the city in the ground. Though, even more common is grinding it up into a powder and using it as an ingredient in cement.

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Thank you so much for the beautiful picture of the city Latacunga ,Ecuador.the volcano picture look beautiful,here is your animated GIF gift,i got from

That is so interesting! Thanks for sharing!