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I tried really hard to copy Russell Crowe's expression in Gladiator but my excited expression ruined it :(




I did get this pic of me facing the gate where the victors exit the Colosseum...although I ended up leaving through the losers gate lol...

The arena was part of the special guided tour. They also took us to the 5th!! floor of the Colosseum which had only opened 2 weeks ago to tours:



Had to pay someone outside the Colosseum to get onto the special tour (tix on the official site were probably sold out within minutes...just like Iphone Ireserve hmm), but the experience was well worth it.

Coming soon: my attempt at the Michael Bay "Bayhem shot". I'm trying to find the right background music for it now and trust me once its done it'll be EPIC.

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Amazing place

Thats a place i would love to visit. Hope you enjoy your time there!


Same it was on my bucket list since I was still in school.

When you visit you definitely should join a guided tour as the underground, arena and the 5th levels are only accessible to tour groups.


I may have to use some mining profits to go now. 😂 i cant believe i found you on steemit randomly

You have a impressive photography skills. I am in love with your photos. Eyegasm


Hahaha! "eyegasm"!

Can I use that?

But like anything witty or wise that I come across, the "credit chain of custody" goes like this:

The true creator gets the credit the first few times (max is 3), then it's "A wise man - or someone smart - said", then finally it's "I've always said". Lol!



Hahahaha - " eyegasm", stop it, you're killing me, man! spleen!!

Originally, there were four types of gladiators - identified by their headgear, armor and weapons. Then the types grew to include several more get-ups and gear.

Although the fights were initially scripted, the gladiators usually would throw the plan out the window if he was winning or losing too fast!

Which style do you prefer?

Feathered headgear? Horned helmets? The long or short spear? Or the net?

Have fun, amigo!



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