From Amsterdam with love

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Well, here's my first "blog" ever. I have always wanted to share a few snaps from my travels, but never had a courage to do it. Maybe not courage, but probably overthinking how this should be done :)


If someone of you accidentally is following me on Instagram: borishots, you will know that I am obsesed with architecture and buildings, street corners and patterns. And my trip to Amsterdam was so damn good, I was walking around almost lost in the time trying to capture all the scenes with my eyes and a camera. Damn it, this city is so beautiful! Just look at this corner bellow. Magical!


I live in Oslo, Norway, but i was born in one small town in Serbia where it wasn't really so interesting to walk around and to take random snaps. So when I travel to other cities, I am trying to enjoy as much as I can. Usually I travel together with my wife, so it is important not to get lost in the cameras viewfinder, but to enjoy the trip with your loved one as well :)


Amsterdam has a really nice vibe during the night as well. Just take a look at this reflections and colors!


I wish everyone to visit this beautiful city and the surrounding village called Zaanse Schans! Oh boy, the nature, the windmills and general feel of this place is jaw dropping.


But I will warn you right away - prepare for some wind properly :)

And finally, I will share my favourite photo from the trip. It's a panorama taken with a smartphone.

2018-05-16 10.49.59 1.jpg

I hope you enjoyed my small story.
If you woud like to see more pictures of mine, feel free to visit my website: and my Instagram account: borishots.

Cheers :)


It's a good beginning: I like the shots you took, but I wish there was some explanatory text.I'm a little surprised by the bicycles lying around unlocked. Don't they risk getting stolen?