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The cafe was in Dotonbori, Osaka.

The most famous city images of Osaka are from Dotonbori and the Dotonbori canal is in Namba. I posted some of my Dotonbori stories. The stories with pictures came from my experience of Namba.

Namba is known as an entertainment district, and hosts many of the city's most popular bars restaurants nightclubs arcades and pachinko parlors. 

I'm interested in Japanese life style including fashion, their common foods and streets. I had to go Namba. It was a very impressive and interesting district. There were fashion, foods, entertainment and hard-working people. I really enjoyed Namba. After shopping, I was passing by a restaurant where tourists were relaxing. I suddenly missed a cool beer. I was hurry to come back to the hotel.

Namba, Osaka in May


Dear @bontonstory;

What a lovely post......beautiful innovative and professional with well written commentary. Well done.

Japan is a favourite....appreciate this series....bringing its uniqueness to Steemit.

Wishing you and yours all the best. Cheers.

Good to hear that 'uniqueness' :) Thank you so much @bleujay Have a great weekend!

As always I love all the pictures of Dotonbori and Namba. Seeing all the different sights makes for a very interesting and wonderful visit. The atmosphere seems very active and bright. Your food looks absolutely delicious. Again, thank-you @bontonstory for sharing Osaka with us! I hope you are doing well. Are you still on vacation? Good to see your post! :D

I'm home. :) I know you welcome my posts. I really appreciate it. @cabbagepatch I think you really started writing these days. You're doing well. :) Thank you so much!

Beautiful photos. Resteemed :-)

Thank you always for sharing. @lichtblick :)

Sharing is caring :-) You are very welcome dear @bontonstory :-)

Wao you came 🎵I am living in near namba
(^з^)-☆I am glad enjoy

Be ready! I'll visit you next time. Lol Followed. See you around. @miho

Thank you bontonstory (^з^)next time come to umeda . I can tell you can enjoy it

Hotel I stayed in was in Umeda area. :) I preferred Umeda. Thank you! @miho

Thank you for taking me on this amazing journey! Outstanding post and narrative! ❤

Thank you for sharing my pictures with me. :) @michaelstobiersk

It is always my pleasure and honor to spend this short time with you. You are one of my favorites on Steemit! ❤

Thank you for supporting me with your comment. :) You are always good to me. Have a nice weekend! @michaelstobiersk

You are welcome my lovely lady friend.

Now I can read and watch more out of the Japan through your posts, otherwise I was not lucky enough to try it out.

Thank you. Hope you have a great travel soon.

Steemit will make me travel the world one day and I am waiting for it very eagerly.

I want to try it next time by following ur post, Thank you for sharing.😋

Enjoyed your post. :) @noopu

I enjoyed your post too😊@bontonstory

Feel like eating the ice cream.. :P

Japan seems to be very interesting country. I hope that one day I will visit it

When you visit, remember me. :p Thank you.

Namba is nice place awesome photography.

Thank you!! :)

Beautiful photography.. I like it :-)


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