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It's good to travel to Osaka because the night is still bright.

I walked almost 20,000 to 30,000 steps a day in Osaka. I walked many blocks during the day and walked at night, enjoying the night view. I massaged my legs every night and put them on my pillow to reduce the swelling. I was so tired and hungry all the time after showering. I knew that the traveler's fatigue won't be relieved perfectly during the trip, but my will to walk made me concentrate on eating well and resting at the hotel.

The day I took these pictures, I walked about 30,000 steps and was hungry because I missed dinner. I went down to the food floor in the department store because I wanted to eat Japanese homemade style foods. It was closing. The foods were on sale. I bought a salad and some food, bought a beer at a convenience store, and returned to the hotel.


@bontonstory no wonder you have to eat so much. All those steps and calories burned. Your food looked so good. When I was on tour in Japan, we had a day where we didn't have to eat with the group so my daughter and I went to Aeon and bought all these different foods. Like you we brought it back to the hotel room and ate. It was one of the highlights of our trip. It was delicious, relaxing and just simple wonderful. Your food looked absolutely wonderful. Your post brought back so many good memories of that time we ate in our hotel room. Thank-you as always for sharing @bontonstory!!! :D

I also enjoyed your stories. There is a different Japan in your travel post. I think you are so deep and thoughtful through your writing. I didn't have much time to be in steemit these days, but I've tried to read yours. Hope you keep working. :) Thank you! @cabbagepatch

The coding sense is great.
I can feel the fashionable atmosphere in your fashion.
There was a reason why the photos and food looked good ^^

You know how you make a lady happy. :) @neojew

I envy you
I 'd like to visit to Japan next year.
your posting will be very heplful to me

Glad to hear that. :) Historical Korean culture and art you share with us are impressive. You are doing a great job. @slowwalker

This makes me want to travel so much! :) I have so many memories of walking a bazillion steps on my travels, and how tired and hungry you tend to be a the end of all that. But you hardly notice it during your walking because of the fascination with everything you're seeing. Thanks for sharing this @bontonstory :)

It's not easy to let go of my greed for what I want to walk and see as many as possible in travel. :) Thank you @natashahall

It looks like you had a great time! The feeling of swollen feet, because of walking is so painful - but good shoes make it better! But it's kind of a great feeling too, since you know that you made a lot of experience and learnt something new while being active at the same time :)

beautiful country i think worth the walk and swelling of the legs, after all the scenery would be beautiful to enjoy with a peacful atmosphere.

Japan, One of the places I want to visit.
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I miss Osaka so much

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