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When I think Japan, the word animation first comes to mind.

My friend is a big fan of Japanese animation and Gundam and I also like some of Japanese animation and games. That's why we had to visit Nipponbashi DENDEN Town. It's a kind of animation world. There are a lot of shops that sell a variety of products relate to animation. If you like electronics, anime, manga, figures and collectibles, you must visit the street in Osaka.

DENDEN Town is one of the largest commercial districts in Osaka, packed with electicl equipment discount stores, within just few decades.

I enjoy a lot of Japanese animation and games as I said. But I think the girls in the works are too commercialized. People who enjoy Japanese animation will know that most of the girls in the works have cute or sexual image. Even the person with the character of the cuteness has the expression of the sexy body, and it is most likely to stimulate the eyes of the men. Of course, there are a lot of animations with beautiful stories and pictures, such as The Garden of Words these days.

On that street, I found a shop based on the concept of images of sexy anime girls.

I didn't want to go in because I could see the image of the store from the entrance, but my friend was eager to go in. The guests were all men, and I was slightly embarrassed, so I took some photos and came out first.


Thank you for taking me on this amazing journey @bontonstory! Your posts are always first class. Thank you for sharing. Resteemed.

LOl Feels like I'm working at a travel agency. :) Thank you. @michaelstobiersk

I think you would be an outstanding travel agent! If you were, I would like you to be my personal guide. ;-)

Should I have the job now? LOl Thank you so much! You are so witty. :)

You're welcome. I hope you have a great day!

Bontonstory, I really enjoyed this post because I love Japanese anime. It must have been a fun trip going to Nipponbashi Denden Town in Osaka! My daughter and her boyfriend love anime so I get to see some with them. The one store was a little over the top but I can understand how it must attract the men. I really appreciate you sharing this post with us. It was refreshingly wonderful! I hope you are doing well. Have a great weekend!!! :D

Oh, you are a fan of Japanese animes. Good to know it. I personally think that Japanese anime is much better than a movie. I only like Japanese artistic emotional movies like love letter, secret, Be With You, glasses and healing films have a food story like Kamome Dinner. ^^ @cabbagepatch

Some of the stories are so touching and can bring out your emotions. I enjoy when I can feel the joy or sadness of the moment in anime which is healthy to be able to feel such deep emotions. It makes me appreciate life more. I guess I am what you call a sensitive person. Do you play any anime like games? My daughter and her boyfriend always introduce me to many different things. I guess they want me to keep my mind alert and young even though I am very old. But I love learning new things and having fun! I really enjoyed your post. It made me smile! :D

My friend and I like playing with Playstation. I just finished Persona5 and Nights of Azure. :) I think I won't quit the game until I get tired because of my age. LOL Have you played Dragon Quest Bilders? I love the game.

No I haven't played Dragon Quest Builders but I will ask my daughter and her boyfriend about the game. I am very old but I love playing games and watching anime. I guess I'm a very oldie with a young heart and spirit! :D

I always try to think age is just age. I respect old people who tries to learn and gives a challenge. I guess old people can't be easy to accept a new thing. My mother have just learned calligraphy two years ago. She looks happy when she knows about a new thing. :)

Nice post @bontonstory!!!

I remember going to Japan many years ago and, while on the subway, seeing so many people reading those thick paper-back style comic books.

Japan is such a cool place. It's a shame, that so much of it seems economically frozen-in-time due to failed monetary policy. Not that the US is any much better in a fiscal sense.

Yes, when I went to Osaka, I could feel the situation. Tourist attractions were good but I could feel like halting city on the other hand. Korea was also awful over the last 6 years. After presidential impeachment last year, the frozen financial issue looks little melting. We have an expectation for the better future. We love the new president. If the US is not getting better, I'm so sorry for your country. I lived about 10 years in the US. The country is special for me. Thank you for sharing with me. @cognoscere Good luck!

The Japanese are creating amazingly diverse products.
And the products make me want to buy.
They seem to think a lot about what they do.
Maybe they'll get a lot of ideas from that spirit.
Cute characters!
Thank you.

You're welcome. @neojew ^^&

Love your post, got chance to know more about nipponbashi denden town.

My daughter would love it there. She is crazy for anime and manga!! She even dragged me to the theater to watch "Your Name"...which I surprisingly liked :)

That's one of good anime films. The Garden of Words is also good. :)

Have you ever been to Akihabara in Tokyo? My daughter says she would like to visit there.

That's an awesome place. She'll be fun over there. :) @old-guy-photos

I love Japanese Animes very much. Cartoons are also good but Anime make me fall in love with them specially the romantic one.

Go to Denden st. :)

Great post and Japanese animation is amazing I really like this