A Memory of Japanese Ramen / Travelled in May / Life Story and Photography

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I think a food is very important to understand other cultures.

The taste and flavor of food, recipes, and the appearance of food are all related to the characteristics and traditions of the people of the country. Do you know Korean people eat bean sprouts soup with chili pepper ground to relieve hangovers? The bean sprouts soup is a sort of traditional hangover food. Most Korean people who love Korean foods want to have a soup when eating rice with side dishes. It is that most Koreans like a food with broth. Many popular foods such as Yukgyejang, Samgyetang and Kimchi Stew in Korea are all soup. Rice with a soup and side dishes are basically served.

I don't know if it's a coincidence, but ramen is a dish with soup. Most Korean love ramen. When we travel to Japan, we don't forget to eat Japanese ramen. Many people like the unique taste that made with pork. Japanese ramen in a restaurant is much better than an instant Japanese ramen. My favorite is Hakata ramen in Hukuoka. My friend really enjoyed ramens in Osaka. He tried 6 ramens or more for several days when traveling together.

I stumbled across this restaurant Ten-ti-jin in Osaka.

It was so lucky. The ramen and the rice with grilled pork topping was so delicious. I preferred the rice. I could order Kimchi as side dish. I can't imagine Kimchi order with the payment in Korea, but I was in Japan. I was glad to pay for Kimchi. Ramen with Kimchi is awesome. 

There was no room, and some people were waiting in line. 

My mouth was watering while watching the grilled meat. 

Finding delicious food is as good as finding hidden treasures. Especially when I'm hungry on a trip. :)


I miss you.

Hey! I didn't forget you. :) Hope you are doing well. @hugbot

Oh Bontonstory, you post was so interesting. I love how you explained the food cultures. I learned something new about the Koreans love for soup along with rice and a side dish. The hidden gem of a restaurant you found in Osaka looked absolutely delicious. No wonder all the seats were taken. Thank-you for sharing this very interesting post. I loved the pictures! :D

Glad that you enjoyed. :) I think sharing culture is fun and important for understanding the people and the life-style. Thank you so much! :) You are always welcome. :) @cabbagepatch

Great shots!!! I also like ramen, although I don't think I've ever had really good ramen, mostly just the packaged variety.

I love Korean packaged ramen. I like Japanese miso ramen, soy sauce ramen as well. Try Korean ramens like shin ramen, vegetable ramen, bibim-myeon, nuh-gu-ri, ja-jang-ramen, jin-ramen, sa-gol-ramen. If you can find a Korean market in your town, there will be all of them. I remember you live in New Jersey. Go to palisades park, NJ. and Korean street...maybe 34st. manhattan. :) See you!! @cognoscere

I think you're so right @bontonstory that food is an important part of understanding other cultures. I find that there's a lot of interesting culture and tradition in Japanese food especially. And I really want to try some authentic Japanese ramen now. I'll have to ask my step-mother to make me some (she's from Japan) ;) Looks so yummy!!

oh, you are able to taste real Japanese ramen at home. :) If it's possible, try to have my favorite hakata ramen. Instant hakata ramen is not bad too. I tried hakata ramen in Osaka once, it wasn't so good compared to it of Hukuoka. :( My friend liked all of the ramen though. :) Thanks!!! :) @natashahall

Ramen , we do not have it in India. May be we use some other name for the same. Thanx for the sharing this nice culture and cuisine.

^^ Have a good day!

미니돼지덮밥세트 LOL!
Nice shots of the kitchen btw.

Thank you. Glad you enjoyed. :)

Look delicious! Such good photos, especially ones of the kitchen and food preparation! Thanks for sharing!

Looking the kitchen was fun. :)

Your posts always amaze me.I am very motivated to visit those places.
I am currently looking for information on safe and reliable travel.
Because maybe by the end of this year I will try to tour some countries for a vacation.
Thank you for your post. @bontonstory

Looking forward to seeing your travel story. :)

Kimchi and ramen = YUMMY! Not too many places carry kimchi, so I have made my own version that is pretty good. Not authentic but quick and easy ;)

You are awesome. I don't make Kimchi. I always have my mother's Kimchi. :p I'm going to make it someday. :)

thank you for sharing

You're welcome. :)


Hi @bontonstory ! Japan ramen is so delicious that we can resist at all! Haha...😁😁😁

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