Take a Hike! King's Canyon Rim Walk, Australia

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@bonfirepit has hunted down some of the world's greatest hikes . First up is King's Canyon Rim Walk, Australia. If you're in the Northern Territory of Australia and have a hankering for a 6 and half kilometers adventure with views of the Watarrka National Park this trek might be for you.


Here are a few good articles to get you into the hiking mood :

Tips For Tackling The Kings Canyon Rim Walk In Outback Australia

"‘Get up at 4am’ they said. ‘Make sure you start before sunrise’.
My eyes nearly popped out of my head.
I’m a freelancer who has got very used to managing her own hours. Often working late in the evening and rolling out of bed, blurry-eyed and stumbling to my desk, 2 minutes before 9am.
But if my trip to Australia’s Northern Territory has taught me anything, it’s this – some things are worth getting up at unholy hours for."

Is Kings Canyon Worth It?

"Many people who travel to Australia visit Uluru. How can you miss seeing Australia’s most popular natural attraction? But there is a lot more out here than just a large, red rock plunked down in the outback. It can be hard to justify flying all the way to the Red Centre, only to spend a day or two viewing Uluru, at least for us. When we heard about Kings Canyon, with hiking trails around the rim of a canyon, our ears perked up, and we were eager to learn more."


"Of all the possible Kings Canyon hiking you could do, the Kings Canyon Rim Walk is the most famous and most spectacular.
The Rim Walk is six kilometres in length, and suitable for relatively fit walkers who are able to take on an initial climb up about a thousand (1000) steps to the top of the Canyon.
The Kings Canyon Rim Walk can be completed in about three to four hours depending on how often you stop to admire the extraordinary scenery."



"This Australian road trip has opened my eyes to the strength and resilience of my daughters.
I’m sure if we were living a normal life; we’d not have the opportunity, or be open to testing their limits of capability.
The helicopter parenting instead takes over, and we impose the limits onto our children based on our fears and conditions."


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