Exploring Hatusaka Cave is the deepest cave in Indonesia.

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  • About Hatusaka Cave

Manusela National Park has a phenomenal natural object, Hatusaka Cave. Currently Hatusaka Cave is known as the deepest vertical cave in Indonesia. Its depth is estimated to reach -424 m from the lips of the cave entrance.

The cave exploration team Acintyacunyata Speleological Club (ASC) succeeded in becoming the first Indonesian team to reach the bottom of Hatusaka Cave in the land of Saleman. Deepest Vertical Cave in Indonesia. The team also succeeded in updating the data about the total depth and width of the room at the base of the cave and recording the flora and fauna and other characters of Hatusaka Cave. Based on the results of recent measurements, the depth of the Hatusaka cave is 424 m,
And it appears in Photo Dasar Hatusaka Cave has a room area of 90 meters x 62 meters with a roof height of 180 meters. "Standing at the base of Hatusaka Cave is like standing inside a football stadium. Incredible Hatusaka Cave in the Land of Saleman, Seram Island, Central Maluku, Indonesia.

  • Travel to Hatusaka Cave.

After undergoing traditional ceremonies, the team of the cave and Manusela NP team were supported by porters from the people of Saleman Village and Masihulan Village (villages around the cave) walking along the tropical rainforest to the point where Goa Hatusaka was. Three hours walk up and down the hill, the team stretches the cave to the cave location. Hatusaka Cave is at the end of the Niatulun River channel. Located two kilometers from the point of the cave hole, the Niatulun River water disappears into limestone cracks, leaving a dry groove to the mouth of the cave. However, if it rains, the overflow of water that is not accommodated in the gap where the Niatulun River flow will flow will flow to Hatusaka Cave. The weather at the Hatusaka Cave location is different from the general weather on Seram Island, unpredictable so that it becomes the main challenge of cave search activities in Hatusaka.

(Source : asc.or.id)

The first day (03 August 2018), the team began to install the rope trajectory to descend the first vertical hole as deep as -220 meters. Learning from previous failures in 2011, the ASC team pioneered a new path that was different from the previous team. Technically making the trajectory is more complicated than the previous track because the descent must be designed in such a way as to avoid flooding that can come at any time. By dusk on the first day, the track pioneer team reached a depth of -30 meters. Pioneering the path back to the surface to rest at the basecamp field which is 1.5 km from the point of the cave hole.

(Source : asc.or.id)

The second day (04 August 2018), the pioneer team returned to the cave. The team continued to install the path of the rope to the terrace "Hall A" at a depth of -170 meters. On the third day (05 August 2018) the team managed to reach the terrace on the lips of the last vertical hallway "Ultimate Pitch" at a depth of -240 meters. On the fourth day (August 6, 2018), the team decided to do a "bottom attack" and represent the two team members only considering the weather conditions that have started to rain in the last few days. The two team representatives who went to the cave base were Ahmad Sya'roni and A.B. Rodhial Falah. The first person reached the bottom of Hatusaka Cave at 4:10 pm, followed by a second person at 6:20 pm.

(Source : asc.or.id)

The base of Hatusaka Cave has a room area of ​​90 meters x 62 meters with a roof height of 180 meters. "Standing at the base of Hatusaka Cave is like standing in a football stadium in a dark state," said Ahmad Sya'roni. "The light of my flashlight has an intensity of 4000 lumens which cannot penetrate from one side of the wall to another", explained Rodhial Falah. As a comparison, the average light intensity of car lights is 3000 lumens. Goa Hatusaka basic condition is relatively flat, with gravel and sand sediment nearly a third of the larger room, the rest in the form of clay deposits that indicate the water that goes into the cave had pooled prior to seep into the ground.

(Source : asc.or.id)

Uniquely, even though above the cave is a dense forest but there are no large tree trunks at the base of the cave, only small pieces of wood. The team suspected the logs were carried by the flood shattered into small pieces since the depths of the caves and turbulent motion of the water in the bottom of the cave terrible. "Basic hatusaka is like a giant blender, whatever gets carried into the bottom of the cave, will be smashed to pieces crushed by a whirlpool", explained Rodhial Falah. At the base of the cave, the team found a group of earthworms and several types of insects. In some spots the team also found some 15 cm tall green leafy plants, possibly at certain times the sunlight could reach the bottom of the cave.

After completing measurements, sampling and documenting Sya'roni and Rodhial then climbing up again joined the team on the terrace of "Ultimate Pitch". The team decided to stay one night on the terrace before going to the surface the next day. The results of the calculation of the depth measurement of the ASC team, Hatusaka has a total depth of -394 meters, this result puts Hatusaka Cave into the deepest cave in Indonesia, followed by Goa Lomes Longmot (-360 m) and Goa Sibil Buk (-349 m), both in West Papua.

(Image source : asc.or.id)

The search for Hatusaka Cave ended on August 9, 2018. To reach the base of Hatusaka Cave, the total expedition team carried a 500-kg cave and supplies equipment, consisting of 700 meters of kernmantel rope, various kinds of cave tracking equipment, cave rescue tools, tools mapping and logistics to support activities.

  • Conclusion

Hatusaka Cave is indeed the deepest Goa du Indonesia for now, after another cave in Maluku. Many Speleologists and Cavers made an expedition to Seram Island Maluku to find out about the beautiful caves, end thanks to their enthusiasm we can know that Hatusaka Cave is the deepest Goa in Indonesia.

For those of you who like adventure, underground and Speleological explorers, Hatusaka Cave is very interesting to explore. Prepare your physical and mental health before coming here and don't forget to also continue learning about Vertical Goa Tracing techniques.

  • Cover

Tracing Hatusaka Cave requires a solid team. Individually, team members must have adequate cave tracking capabilities, high canyon flight hours, rescue capabilities in vertical terrain. One of the most important things in supporting the success of exploring Hatusaka Cave is careful weather calculations, because no matter how great human planning is, nature will always win. Just like the meaning of Hatusaka, Hatu means stone (nature), Saka means winner.

Source : Manusela National Park Hall.

Promoter and person in charge of activities : Manusela National Park Hall.

Thank you for stopping and reading this simple post, hopefully fun.


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Thanks for sharing, @bonesumpal.

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You're welcome @arteem
Thanks for support

Looks like Batcave.


Hahahaha thanks brother...

I'm claustrophobic so caves are no go for me but I love looking at the photos of caves! Very well done! You must be very adventurous!


Is that excessive phobia ?? Yes, I like adventure, because I find a lot of peace there. You have to try it @delishtreats


Well, I've been to a few caves but they were very big. I would not be able to squeeze in narrow 'tunnels'. I also have issues when I want to walk up towers.

I start panicking, feel like I can't breathe and am about to faint. It doesn't make me feel that well so I prefer to avoid them.

On the other hand I love hiking in mountains :)


ha ha ha ha
Yes, I understand, friend, a narrow room plus darkness and fear approaching. I used to be like you, scared and panicked.

I have a story when I get lost in a cave alone, I have to fight to get out alive. It's just that I haven't had time to write the story, I chose not to be known by others. After that incident I became brave and confident, maybe silly for others.

If that suits you, run it. If it doesn't match, leave it. Mountains are also cool, lots of peace too.


Oh, I would love to hear that story! I'm glad that nothing happened to you!


thank you I can survive and survive. One day I will make the story, thank you for commenting on my content @delishtreats

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That's a very deep cave! Did you climb down it?


Yes, we did it smoothly. This cave is the deepest for now in Indonesia after the Lueng Puteh cave in Maros.

Luar biasa, sepertinya sudah sangat banyak tempat yg menarik di jelajahi yaa


Thanks @ziapase
Banyak tempat2 menarik di indonesia untuk dikunjungi..