Shopping In Taipei

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Shopping in Taipei can be broken into several districts and several types: Taiwan souvenir shopping, Taipei luxury shopping, Taipei budget shopping, Taipei local fashion and Taipei counterfeit shopping.

Wufenpu Shopping District

Located in the Songshan area, Wufenpu is a short walk for Songshan Station where you can get clothing super cheap. Wholesale clothing, counterfeits, shoes, swimwear, winter gear, luggage and everything fashion related at super low price.

Wufenpu is a huge shopping area that will take you a few hours just to walk through all the little alleys. It's a clothing expedition!

Taipei City Mall

Taipei City Mall has just about everything you would want to shop for: clothes, luggage, kitchenware, electronics, video games, toys, anime, souvenirs, snacks, baked goods and more. Located under Taipei Main Station, Taipei City Mall is an underground mall that you when walked around is about 1-mile. I call it, Taipei's 1-mile mall.

I've bought some clothes here and found that the low price matched the product because of the low quality.

Zhongshan Station - $$

In the Zhongshan Station area, you can find many local fashion stores with quality designs and quality products. It's a hip neighborhood with lots of women's fashion with a variety of stores with different styles.

Shida Night Market - $

Shida Night Market is located in the college area of Taipei. They don't have too much food, but they do have a lot of local fashion shops. When shopping in Shida Night Market, you'll find many local designs at affordable prices.

Shilin Night Market - $

If you make your way through all the small alleys of Shilin Night Market, you'll find a variety of local shops by local Taiwanese designers. Everything is priced pretty affordable and you probably won't find too much like it.

Ximen (Ximending) - $$

If you're a tourist, you'll probably end up in Ximending. Everything here is overpriced and you can find similar goods at the other mentioned shopping areas. I had to mention shopping in Ximending just to warn you about the tourist prices. Shops sell the same items you can buy in other parts of Taipei for more than double!

Zhongxiao Fuxing Station Area - $$

In the area between Zhongxiao Fuxing Station and Zhongxiao Dunhua station, you'll find mind small shops by local fashion designers on the North side. If you're looking for stylish local designs with good quality, this is the place to shop in Taipei.

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