BBQ In Taipei Review: True Gather 畜聚燒肉

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True Gather 畜聚燒肉


I was looking forward to eating at True Gather 畜聚燒肉 because they hit me with a targeted Instagram advertisement for BBQ in Taipei that made the food look really good. When I checked on Google Maps, they had a 4.8 review which is outrageously high in Taiwan, since most people are very critical about the reviewing food...I am going to be honest and critical.


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True Gather 畜聚燒肉 BBQ In Taipei Review

Overall 3/5
Service 2/5
Quality 4/5
Food 3/5
Value 2/5
Vibe 2/5

True Gather 畜聚燒肉 is located in an area with soooo many restaurants that you will be inundated with choice. There are are few places in the area that I absolutely love and have given 5/5. So of course I will be critical since there are immediate comparisons in the area.

Before going to True Gather 畜聚燒肉, I called to make a reservation because I didn't want to risk having to wait. If you go to any really good BBQ place in Taipei, expect a wait. On a Thursday, I made a reservation for Friday night with no problems...they didn't even ask for my name for the reservation, but I gave it to them anyway. I guess they don't get a lot of reservations.

The Place: True Gather 畜聚燒肉

Upon entering True Gather 畜聚燒肉 at 7pm on a Friday night, I was surprised to see only 4 people eating (2 at the bar and 2 at a table). The layout seemed strange since they had a huge open space in the middle of the restaurant that could have been used for more tables. To the right of the entrance was a little waiting area with couches and lockers. Due to the layout, the place felt empty but messy at the same time.

We were greeted and shown to the lockers to put our stuff in for safe keeping. Then we were seated at the bar.

Bar Seats 2/5
The bar seating is the highest I've ever sat at. It's uncomfortably high where most people will struggle to get on/off the seat. Once you're on the seat, it will be hard to move it closer to the bar. The seating height made it a difficult experience to move around.

The Food: True Gather 畜聚燒肉

Scallops with crab roe NT$220 (2 pieces) = 3/5
I love scallops and the dish sounded delicious. When the dish arrived, the presentation was pretty unappealing. Each scallop is cut in half (poorly) and then line with crab roe heavily mixed with wasabi. The scallops were fresh and it had a big wasabi kick to it.

Animal Rice NT$100 = 3/5
The animal rice at True Gather 畜聚燒肉 isn't on the official menu, but was on the specials board. It included an egg yolk, onions, green onions and mushrooms over white rice. After mixing it together, the rice still didn't have much flavor to it. I was looking around for soy sauce or anything to spice it up but there are no condiments at the table.

MEAT 3/5
Just to break it down, we got a few different cuts of meat. The chicken thigh (NT$180), prime sliced short rib (NT$320), Iberian pork rib strip (NT$250) and choice pork jowl (NT$220). This is pretty standard portion size and pricing for higher quality cuts, but I found most of the meat to taste in the 3/5 to 4/5 range. Most of the meat had options of salt or BBQ flavor, but I found the flavor to be lacking.

There was no salt or BBQ sauce sides if I wanted to step up the flavor. It's pretty unfortunate because the quality of the meat was pretty good. I think I wanted more flavor because some of the meat came out overcooked. I needed some flavor to distract me from that.

The Service: True Gather 畜聚燒肉

As with any higher end BBQ restaurant in Taipei, you can expect the meat to be cooked for you. That is to ensure the meat is cooked to perfection so you can taste the quality of the meat. As such, the meat is cooked for you at True Gather 畜聚燒肉, unfortunately the "to perfection" part was missing.

Most of the meat was cooked over low flame but some of it still came out overcooked. After eating 3 out of 4 pieces of the overcooked pork jowl, the server noticed and threw out the 4th burned piece. He offered to replace it, which is nice. But dang man, you just made us eat 3 burned pieces.

No water is provided without having to ask.

One of the chefs had long hair and was not wearing a hat. Every other server/chef was wearing a hat (and they had short hair). You'll notice most of the food industry wear hair nets/hats to protect from hair falling in the food. This guy had long hair and it kept getting in his eyes. While wearing the gloves to serve food with, he would use his hands to move the hair out of his eyes. Luckily, he wasn't serving me, but I'm surprised this guy is working in the food industry without knowing this?

Most of the service was pretty basic and lacked any warmth. Any requests for food/drinks felt like we were inconveniencing them.

So I don't speak any Chinese. On the way out of True Gather 畜聚燒肉, one of the servers warned us in Chinese to be careful when stepping out the door. I didn't understand and immediately slipped on the white rocks. I didn't fall, but it could have been really bad. This is an accident waiting to happen.

True Gather 畜聚燒肉 Menu And Additional Photos

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Overall Impression of True Gather 畜聚燒肉

Overall the experience was just okay. True Gather 畜聚燒肉definitely has room to improve on service, quality, taste and portion size. With all the options in the area, I will not be returning.

True Gather 畜聚燒肉 Location and Hours


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