3 Idiots Toast & Curry 印度蔬食信義店

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3 Idiots Toast & Curry



3 Idiots Toast & Curry 印度蔬食信義店 Review

If you've seen the Indian film 3 idiots, then you'll know that 3 Idiots Toast & Curry 印度蔬食信義店 restaurant refers to them. As for the food, it's vegetarian food from India. I don't have too much experience with Indian food, but I do love Indian curry.

Located in the popular Xinyi area, expect to find a crowd at the ATT4Fun building. 3 Idiots Toast & Curry 印度蔬食信義店 is located on the 4F which is probably one of the nicest Instagram locations in Taipei. On a weekday, expect to find the place busy as it's filled with the after work crowd and younger people ready to hit the town.

4.5/5 overall
4/5 Service
3/5 Value
4/5 Quality


Not Required
Indian Thali

4/5 Curry Mushroom Girlled Masala Wheat Toasts NT$240

I wanted to try more vegetarian restaurants in Taipei and 3 Idiots Toast & Curry 印度蔬食信義店 was a great start. The curry mushroom sandwich was full of flavor, super melted cheese, mushroom and tasty curry. With a sandwich this good, I can survive as a vegetarian.

The dish also included a sandwich with vegetarian chips. To be critical, I would have like a stronger curry flavor to the sandwich.

5/5 Indian Thali NT$360

If you want to try out 3 delicious Indian curries at once, get the Indian Thali. It's 3 small bowls of different style curries and each bowl is delicious. The dish is served with rice, wheat toast, salad and vegetarian chips.

What impressed me most was the curry. I wanted to try all the different curries they have, but that will take a few visits. I will absolutely get the Indian Thali again on my next visit.

3/5 Masala Milk Tea (cold) NT$120

3 Idiots Toast & Curry 印度蔬食信義店 has a special milk tea. Since this is Taiwan and I am a milk tea enthusiast, I had to go for it. First off, cold here means room temperature with no ice. So that was disappointing. It tasted like regular milk tea with no sugar, but it did have a small hint of cinnamon. If the cinnamon had a stronger taste to it, then this would have been like a delicious Indian horchata drink. That's the future.

2/5 Roti NT$40

For NT$40, you get served one piece of small roti. The roti was very similar to a small flour tortilla that you would probably use for tacos. It might have actually been that. As for the taste, it tasted like a flour tortilla. It did feel like we were getting ripped off for this.

3/5 Value

It's hard to find Indian food in Taipei this good, so I'll have to bite the bullet with the value. Since it's not a competitive market for Indian food, the price will be higher than local places.

3 Idiots Toast & Curry 印度蔬食信義店 Menu And Additional Photos

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3 Idiots Toast & Curry 印度蔬食信義店 Location

There are 3 locations around Taipei. In this post, I visited the Xinyi branch located in the ATT4FUN building.

(Unsupported https://maps.google.com/maps?q=3%20Idiots%20Toast%20%26%20Curry%20%E5%8D%B0%E5%BA%A6%E8%94%AC%E9%A3%9F%E4%BF%A1%E7%BE%A9%E5%BA%97&t=m&z=15&output=embed&iwloc=near)

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