The Harbour & Boats of Seward Alaska...

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With a little less than 3000 people, this quaint and colourful sea-side town is what I pictured Alaska would be.

Seward is located about 100 miles South-east from Anchorage and is easilly accessibly by road or rail. It supports a large fishing industry and is also a main port for many tours to the nearby Kenai Fjords and glaciers. It is therefore not surprising that the town is mainly centred around the harbour.


Many of the shops around the harbour are painted in bright colours and sell souvenirs, food or fishing and boating trips.

The amazing thing for me was the colour of the water. It was a surreal milk-emerald green colour. The mist hung low on top of the nearby mountains and the weather here was noticably cooler than in Anchorage, I actually felt like I was in Alaska.

The harbour held boats of all shapes and sizes from private luxury boats to commercial fishing boats. There were even a few friendly otters hanging around but they got camera shy when I tried to take their picture.

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My Mom really wants to take a trip to Alaska. My Dad spent time there when he was in the Navy and he loved it. He always talks about the vastness. I'll show them your recent posts and who knows, maybe my Dad will take her there soon. Thanks for the inspiration!


You would love it. The entire country is awe-inspiring....and some amazing food!

Looks like an amazing place. Would love to visit some day but it's a really long way from Singapore. The weather looks awesome too.


We went from Bangkok. Bangkok to Taipei, Taipei to San Francisco and then San Francisco to Anchorage...ITS FAR !!!!! But, its worth the effort :)


Wow! Salute!

Very cool. I hope to make a trip to Alaska one day. The town is very pretty and that fresh fish being cut up looks delicious.


Salmon fresh off the boat, it doesn't get much better :)

We love Alaska too, but we went before digital photography!! Lovely post, so many gorgeous photos. Followed you @bkkshadow - upvoted and resteemed

After watching all these beautiful & adorable pictures of Alaska country i wanna visit this country..:)

I can see myself living there

Man nothing beats a quaint little town where everyone gets to view awesome scenery when they get out of their houses.

I was there back in 91, a very cool place. When the long-liner came in with all those hands from across the globe it sure filled up the local bar. 72 men to 3 gals as I recall.

Oh so much boats.....i think the harbour is totally full of crowd....if boat is in such numbers then how is the visitors....i wish i could see the boat running with people

Thank you so much for sharing this amazing beauty. That's why I also love all the technology nowadays so we are able to share the beauty of the world with people that are not able to make these trips or travel at all.

A great trip!)) I was very amazed at atmospheric photos! Thank you for sharing photos with us. Thanks to you I learn the world more))

Thanks Photograph

Nice place i want to visit there too

Beautiful shots @bkkshadow !
Congratulation for your adventure !
Have a nice adventure .