Luxury Tent Pool Villas in Paradise in Thailand.

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If you like camping, but you also like all the comforts of home, then I may have found just the place for you.



You will find this luxury retreat on Koh Yao Noi Island in the south of Thailand. The island is a short boat ride from Phuket and features stunning views over the 44 limestone island karsts of Phang Nga Bay.

There are 7 tents located on the top of a hill with sweeping panoramic views.

Your own private golf cart will deliver you to your tent and also deliver food, drinks and other items as needed.

Inside the air-conditioned tents you will everything you may want, including a large double bed with mosquito net, lounge and flatscreen tv, large bathtub and toilet.

There is also a delightful outdoor shower made from bamboo.

And...most importantly an area to sit by your private pool with a cold drink and soak up the serenity...magic.

Enjoy !

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Pretty cool place and nice beach views :)

outclass taking the picture and work bro. i can follow u and upvote u.@aryaan

Awesome Tent Pool Villas for your pleasant stay.

it is good to live there probably)

for a long time I dream to go there, to take a walk on the beach in the evening. meet girls ..