Discover Serbia - Stara Planina (Balkan mountain range)

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First in the travel series of Discover Serbia. This is my first post on steemit and i am not really a writing person so i will let you enjoy in the beauty of nature :)

The Balkan mountain range is a border between Bulgaria and Serbia. the highest peak in Serbian part Midžor is at 2,169 metres (7,116 ft). (map location)
IMG_3557-PanoS tumb.jpg

If you want to enjoy nature with almost no people, this is a place to visit. And there are miles of hiking trails that will let you spend days and still not see everything

Small village in the mountains
Untitled_Panorama1b small-2.jpg


There are a number of waterfalls, some of them are easy accessable, some you need to discover


the place where we stayed was really beautiful

Peak Babin zub, where the ski runs are located, and there is a beautiful a restaurant with spectacular view


This is my first post so be king, or don't :) . If you like it please leave a comment telling me what to improve. do you want more photos, more info, more text, or just less of everything.
Any critique of photos or video are welcome.

Hope you enjoyed it.

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