On Detours with Kathi #020: Our first real day in Johannesburg

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Desert Paradise !

Well, our first real day in Johannesburg started out pretty sick. We woke up pretty early, had breakfast and stuff and since we had 30 degrees and the sun was shining we got our things together and headed down to the private pool area which the people from the lofts are able to use with an own key at any time. It was nice because we were actually the only ones there and the weather was so nice.


The owner of this place 'Earl' (also got a brother 'Keagan') told us about this hostel called 'Curiocity Backpackers' which offers guided tours through the area close by. When we got enough of hanging at the pool we got ready and decided to go there to see what they offer. We decided to sign up for the 'Inner City Walking' tour which is about 4 hours long and will go through the neighbourhood and downtown places of Maboneng. We both paid 250 Rand (~18€) each for the guided tour through the city.


On our way home from the hostel we passed this really cool truck which turned out to be a dessert place. I think you could also go there for breakfast, but besides the got amazing milkshakes, waffles, ice cream and so on. We decided to get a 'Nutella Strawberry Shake' and a 'Nutella Peanutbutter Shake'. They tasted soooo good, you can't even imagine ! Earl told us some restaurants which we could eat at close by so we only drank half of it to have a dessert when we got back home at night.


As for the security here, don't be worried. Everyone is really nice and friendly, for what I have ecperienced already. The only thing I don't like though is that I really do feel like a stranger is this town. We haven't seen many other white people yet, but when we walk through the streets people look at us and some of them even ask to take a picture with us. Which reminds me of Thailand because it happened to many times that the security of police wanted to take pictures with us. Though I really like Johannesburg and Maobeng is a really nice and artistic place. I can already recommend to come visit!


After going grocerie shopping we went to the PataPata here in Maobeng which is a african restaurant. We actually had to share a table with these two really sassy german girls, but luckily they switched tables later on. The food at the PataPata was delicious and the prices are good too. I think we paid 80 Rand each for our dinner.


Some of you were wondering how we manage the jetlag, but we actually never really have one. I mean I'm tired right now and will head to bed soon, but we haven't really had struggles with jetlag - lucky us.

We are excited for the tour tomorrow and hope to see some interesting spots in this place.
By the way: We have been out for three weeks only and though it feels like it has been forever !

Do you guys miss us ?







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This is a great journey! I have never been to South Africa. Have fun!

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