105 year old meeting 3 month old grandsons daughter

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My grandmother got to meet my daughter today for first time. She is 105 years old and they made each other smile.
It was so precious. I shoveled snow for first time in 7 years.
I with my wife got reacquainted with the Swedish cold winter up north. 9288C0FC-9A64-4ABB-AF8A-751CBFD6225A.jpegFEE0BD00-6DD9-4D46-82BC-EA49AA71D02F.jpeg

Followed by my wives first shopping trip Swedish style! It was -18 to -14 Celsius or -0.4 Fahrenheit to 6.8 degrees.7561A3BB-C246-47AA-9FA5-D5F922DB56F6.jpeg

Was a blessed day it was.


OMG, this is the one of the precious moments of life for you and your daughter.
My younger sister was not able to see our grandmother and look your daughter is meeting your grandmother.
You also have captured this moment on blockchain.

Oh, that's very sweet!

Glad to see your Grandma. She is very Happy see the Daughter of her Grandson.
Wish her Happy and Healthy life.
Also best wishes for "You Couple".
May you always be happy together.

grandmother will leave one day....but this memory never leave

Great moments in life !!

Hello, congratulations three generations, a great blessing that your grandmother could meet her great granddaughter, greetings from venezuela

Hi from Sweden. I’m glad to meet people all over the world. That’s the power of Steemit.
Thank you

I wish my grandmother was alive to see her grandsons child. ;/ :)

God bless you and your family

Your daughter is cute what’s her name?

Waw what a nice meet up
105 year meet 3 months old.
How I wish I can see my grand ma again

So lucky!
hopefully stay healthy!

That's lovely grandma should be happy seeing her granny

🙏🏿 thank you

nice baby beautiful photography

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Que buena nota.
Tres generaciones reunidas.
Felicidades expriman ese reencuentro.
Saludos y Gracias por existir

So cute baby. :)

may live longer grandma.......


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Beautiful granny. I your baby is named after grandmother? May she live longer.

Yes her middle name is

my big grandma who is 107 years old just died this year, that photo made me remember her, RIP.

Sorry for your loss and 107 is along beautiful life.

Wow you have an anointed family @bigapplebo. You are super blessed. i'm happy for you. It's great to hear testimonies like this. Let's me know that the fire of God's grace burns bright all over the world..

I’m very lucky..

A heart warming story. Literally, figuratively touching that your son is touching the lady´s hand!

Daughter 😉

That's nice glad she got to see the baby!

old age goals

What a sweet meeting between the older generation and the new. Precious. 🐓🐓

It was amazing seeing them laugh

haha good read