Video: My travels in Asia 2018

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So here it is
it took me quite a while to get to edit all the short little videos I took with my trustworthy old GOPRO, buuuut here it is!


Myanmar, Cambodia and a little bit of Thailand

Music: Monkey Safari - Odyssey (Original Mix)

▶️ DTube

There are dogs everywhere! :) You're brave when you got a scooter. When I look at those streets, sand and people everywhere I'm not sure if I would do it. Were those locals who helped you to fixed your scooter?

The views are beautiful and those kids at 1:39 are adorable :) And that girl at 2:19!!! She is so sweet! Those kids looks so happy.. all of them! Also those ones towards the end of the video. They must have made you smile :)

You spent a lot of time barefoot! :)

That sunset at the end is beautiful (just don't say it's a sunrise, lol - I was not that sure :D )

It looks like you had a great adventure and amazing time with your friends! It's a great video!

Dtube is quite slow, got a youtube link?
I really want to watch. Haha :D

what a good trip you had @biffboff the tour if you had to go through all airplane, motorcycle, car, boat I liked the great tour you had in Asia the landscape the environment as you want to take a walk so you traveled and know many things about asia @neymarth11

Beautiful capture! I love how the sun rays are reaching towards you like tendrils. I just love this photo in general. Keep exploring and capturing the beauty from life. There isn't anything quiet like it. Have a great day and keep steemin on!

That has been an excellent montage of scenes, showing Asia in an interesting way, without much talking, just a great background sound, and many really cool images. The video really transmits to me and shows that it was an excellent trip, you should have had a great time. The music of the video has been recorded in my head.

By the way, I waited a few minutes for the video to load, and then I noticed that it was also on YouTube.

That must be really exciting trip, you captured the main attractions, I like those monks were always amazed with them, they are for me like the keepers of great secrets, they have some power but only looking frail. it looks like you traveled with all type of transports: motorbike, train, plane, boat and just on your own feet. I see happy children who entertained with bubbles at the beach and of course we have to mention your couple of dogs. Amazing trip and thank you for sharing :)

Thanks for taking the time to make this video! Although I've never been there, I felt like traveling with you to these egzotic lands... My favorite was a dog around 2:38...

That is what a really good travel video is about. Keep it up!

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howdy from Texas sir biffboff! wow this was so dang good. I was mesmerized and that's the truth. So many little kids, so many boats, rivers, lakes, motor bikes, so many animals! lol. It was so interesting and a unique way to do it with no talking just the music.

I thought it was a great job. Now, do you do alot of these types of posts or is this just from one big trip?